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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

What I want for Valentine

This is what I want for Valentine...a Chris Aire Traveler GMT Watch worth $10, 400

Or maybe I should just go for this Chris Aire String Earrings worth $2, 500?

Nah, I think this is better...The Chris Aire Golden South Sea Pearl on delicate Yellow Gold chain worth $17,350.00

Or better yet this Chris Aire Platinum and Red Gold Diamond Bracelet worth $209,250.00

Ok, I think I will make do with this one; A Chris Aire Devine Halter in Red Gold and Diamond worth only $13,500,000.00 :-)!!!

So ladies, what do you want for Valentine? Whatever it is, you can find it on this website....http://www.chrisaire.com/. This is the only website you should be checking out when your man is around you this Valentine season...you never know, he might see something there he wants to buy for himself you...*wink*

Breath taking jewelry. Chris Aire - A Nigerian doing us proud.

As for what I want, you know who you are...now get a move on while stocks last...!
As if...lol


Anonymous said...

Linda nwannem e go to metu!!!! 4 real maine!

kechy said...

wow! those are some expensive stuff. good luck on getting them but what the heck, a girl can dream huh?

Myne said...

Dream on! LOL...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

damn...OWO POJU! Well...it's free to dream innit lolz...well, nothing is impossible.

BB said...

Hey Linda, is the online survey @ the beginning of your blog really genuine? I answered 4 questions and it offered me a gift, all free, with $4.99 shipping. I'm confused.

SOLA said...

OLE!!!!! lol...

Anonymous said...

linda darling..
dream oooo

Anonymous said...

i linda adivinar la verdad duele puta, supongo que abra las piernas ur precio

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