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Saturday, 31 March 2007


This crazy looking Englishwoman, Nona Paris Lola Jackson, is claiming to be the mother of Michael Jackson's three children and has filed court papers in Los Angeles, seeking to share custody of the youngsters with the music legend. She alleges to be the biological mother of Michael's three kids, Prince Michael I, 10; Paris Michael, nine; and Prince Michael II, five. Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe is generally acknowledged to be the mother of Jackson's two older children, but it is unknown who gave birth to Michael's last child. In a motion filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday March 27th, Nona is requesting a say in the custody arrangement between Michael and Debbie and also requesting Jackson hand over his Neverland Ranch and another Encino, California home to her.

Nona writes in court documents, "Debbie's hospital records will prove that my kids are not hers because of DNA."I gave birth through the means of water birth because I am technically a(sic) herbalist."Jackson's spokeswoman RAYMONE BAIN has dismissed Nona's claims as "ludicrous".

Back in October, Nona Paris Lola Jackson said "Michael and I are a sexually active couple and have been this way from the beginning,". She also claims to have written more than 3,000 for Michael. A court hearing has been set for 2 and 30 May 2007.

First and foremost, this woman looks like a fraud I'm sure she is. Second of all, she said she's sexually active with Michael? She must be on weed. Michael is sexually active? In which world? Thirdly, Michael's children look more white than black, so there is no way on earth a black woman would have given birth to them. fourthly, she's demanding for Michael's two homes...now we know her motives. Lastly, why is any court listening to this woman, she seems like a joke to me...and what's with that shirt she is wearing. Girlfriend needs her head examined for real.
I'm sounding very harsh right? That's because I love Michael to death and don't like seeing all this 'wahala' happening. The guy needs a break please. Lola/Nona/Paris, should go look for another target.


Meadows j. said...

kolo don catch am, but you never know these days, only time will tell who is really micheal's baby mama.

Anonymous said...

She's a lunatic!Someone call a doctor!armrobber! Barawo bancha!

Anonymous said...

Michael's kids are too fine and too white to be born by the likes of her.Michael has evidently become a target for so many people around the world. They've drained him of all his money, pride, home...now some golddigger wants his kids.I hope they toss her and her filing papers through the window of the courthouse.looser!

Anonymous said...


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