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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Terrifying moment huge sharks lurk beneath the water as a group of schoolchildren swim dangerously close by

The frightening moment two sharks came dangerously close to a group of school children swimming in a beach was captured by a drone flying overhead. Apart from the sharks that swam near the kids, there were about 400 more others swimming beneath the water.

The children had been floating on bodyboards at Western Australia's Red Bluff beach when Photographer Sean Scott, who was flying in a drone, saw two three-metre Bronze Whalers stalking them. He said he could not believe his eyes.

The Bronze Whalers came terrifyingly close to the blissfully ignorant  children as they floated in the water just metres from shore. Thankfully, no harm was done as the sharks turned around to go after a huge mass of bait fish at the popular beach.

Sean said:
"I flew (my drone) over and then saw these sharks sort of swimming across thinking, 'what's going on here'? They were obviously going over to have a little bit of a look and got pretty close and realised that wasn't their food chain and turned around. But it was pretty incredible to see these boys just floating on their back.

Sean said he was in awe at how the sharks were able to co-exist with human without harming them, choosing instead to go after the bait balls. He said he hopes his photography will  show that sharks can live side by side with people and not harm them if they are left alone.

He said; "I really hope it shows that, in a healthy environment like we had there, with so many fish and not over-fished places, that the sharks can live side by side with the people. You've just got to use a bit of common sense. Give them a wide berth and leave them to themselves, it seems to work great."

He added: "I was in awe of these sharks, they were beautiful-looking sharks and there were so many of them, but they showed no interest (in people)."

Watch the shocking video below.


Alayande Janet said...

the next time anyone enters that water again, they should consider themselves unfortunate! maybe the sharks are filled up already(of eating sm unknown human) that's why they are not interested @ the moment

Daisy said...

Sharks don't eat humans except they are shedding blood

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

daniel ubong said...

Daisy keep quiet.

katie wade said...

Shark don't just attack human exept shedding blood or had marks like tattoos on them. That is why divers are in blacks and cover all the parts of dia bodies. Deuces.

AGB said...

...but Daisy said the truth. Sharks (according to research) hardly attack human beings except if the humans are bleeding. Sharks are attracted to the blood & once they smell it (even from a distance), they trace the source & devour it.

Owa said...

Where is the video?

arinze onwuegbusi said...

Omo nothing una wan tell me God distracted them imagine if d sharks did nt see d baits den una go knw say na condition make crayfish bend

Udolisa Ugochukwu said...

nna ehn nka di kpa very very risky....ehn ehn

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised,that's Australia,home of all creatures that want you dead

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