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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Photos: Vehicle conveying a family to a traditional wedding summersaults along Benin Bye Pass

A Toyota Hiace Bus conveying family members to traditional wedding ceremony summersaulted at the depression just before the African Independent Television/Ray Power station after the Agbor axis of the Benin Bye Pass, on Saturday.
According to Ernest, the accident which didn't claim any life but left several victims with serious injuries, occurred as a result of the slippery nature of the particular area occasioned by huge deposit of red sand left on the road by sand miners.

"The sand deposit usually renders the road slippery on rainy days, leaving unsuspecting fast moving motorists very susceptible to loss of control and crashes.
"Eye witnesses disclosed that the particular accident occurred when the vehicle ran into the slippery spot at top speed, leading the vehicle to veer uncontrollably before flipping severally.
"One of the injured victims, a young kid of about five, had his shoulder bone pulled from its socket while others sustained various degrees of injuries.
This is, once again, calling on relevant authorities to erect warning signs along the route to warn unsuspecting motorists of the dangers in the area.
"More than that, sand miners in the area should be made to regularly clear sand deposits from the affected part of the road. The measures will go a long way in curtailing further incidents of road crashes."


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