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Monday, 10 July 2017

Photos: 13 Remo Stars Football club players suffer food poisoning after consuming plates of semovita and Egusi soup

13 players of Remo Stars FC, have been hospitalized following severe food poisoning. According to reports, on July 8th, the football stars consumed plates of Egusi soup and Semovita and suffered food poisoning afterwards

According to a statement by the Football club, 13 first-team Remo Stars players, including their leading scorer, Victor Mbaoma, Ekene Awazie and Salefu Ochowechi are currently being hospitalized.

The players began complaining of stomach pain and tiredness, from about 7pm on July 8th after eating. They were rushed to the General Hospital Ikenne, Remo Ogun state where they are receiving medical attention.

Confirming the incident and current situation, the Club Secretary Michael Onikute said
"It's such a disastrous incident. We have prepared well for the game against Ifeanyi Ubah and have had the player resting after dinner which they had Semovita and Egusi only for me to get a call that they are in pain and all I could think of what getting them to the hospital alongside the Team Doctor. In a bid to keep them safe and have a clean bill of health the camp was fumigated yesterday only for this casualty to befall us on the eve of a vital game against Ifeanyi Ubah".


Dupsy B said...

Hmmm God abeg o. Heal fast in Jesus name

Manuel Kunmi said...

hope no loss of lives thoe

don balabala said...

Nigerian hospitals are sick with this drip they are always giving...if u have headache they will give u drip...mugu maga people...Linda lets meet at our usual pls by 11pm

Anonymous said...

They should properly investigate the expiry date of the semovita bcos it has short expiry. I pray for their quick recovery.

Ayo Tosin said...

That's serious

Alloy Chikezie said...


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jeun jeun .... well get well soon guys

Anonymous said...

Naija hospital so no light nd touch dem dey use. They are heal in Jesus name. Amen.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...


... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

Is that a torch I see the nurse/doctor using to get a vein??? ...sigh

Anonymous said...

semovita and egusi soup as pre-energy food to play hectic football - Duh
That food is not stomach friendly for them at all - Their chef must be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Could be the egusi soup.... Right from preparation to cooking and consumption. Where they cook these food too, some are infested with flies and of course houseflies catty more than 20 types of diseases. Then the water we drink.... Horrible, God save them

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