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Friday, 14 July 2017

Photo taken by female lifeguard has the internet freaking out because a child seems to be drowning in the background

A seemingly innocent photo taken by a lifeguard and shared on Twitter has caused an uproar because of something seen in the background. Jordan Carine is a lifeguard who is meant to be saving lives but in the photo she shared on Tuesday, a child can be seen in the water and it seems he was drowning.

The irony was not lost on a lot of people and they called her out for not taking her job seriously, thereby risking a child's life. In the photo which caused internet users to lash out at her, Jordan Carine can be seen posing in a pair of jean shorts and a cropped lifeguard hoodie. She tweeted it with the caption, "Saving lives," but in the background, there was a little boy left unsupervised.

In the first three photos shared, the child can be spotted, but with each photo, he seemed to be sinking deeper. In the fourth photo, he  was not seen at all and this caused people to assume he had drowned. There was a woman in that shot who people assumed was his mother looking for him. Commenters were unconcerned about complimenting her on her looks. Every reply was geared towards the boy in the background.

Following the backlash, Carine replied assuring them that everything was fine and things were not as it seems in the photo. Though she said the boy was in no danger, none of her followers bought her explanation and they kept on criticizing her for the photo. She later spoke with Yahoo Style to explain herself.

She told Yahoo: “It was unintentional. I didn’t even notice it until someone commented on the picture after it was posted. He was just playing and running from the waves.”


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