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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Pappy Thrill is Blessed up

South African based Nigerian Rapper “Pappy Thrill” who was recently in Nigeria to promote his latest single and video “Bless up” which featured some of the best South African Hip-hop acts (Stogie T, Tshego and A-Soul) iterated how proud he is to be identified as a Nigerian anywhere in the world and how much the music industry has grown since he left the country.

Pappy Thrill who left Nigeria to South Africa in 2010 just after he finished his N.Y.S.C with a H.N.D in accounting from the Lagos City Polytechnic during one of his interviews while on his radio tour in Lagos recalled how having a formal degree helped him settle proper in South Africa.

Talking about how much the Nigerian music industry has grown he had this to say…”The south African music industry is envious of the vibrancy of Nigerian music as we have the biggest hits in the continent but we (Nigerians) should be envious of their industry structure because certain things like royalties are standard over there”

He believes he can be part of the bridge that brings the two music cultures together not just music wise but business wise as well, as a lot of S.A acts are looking to sample the ever vibrant Nigerian music industry.

On the growth of Nigerian music, he went on to say Nigerians are now more open to other genres of music beyond “Afro-pop” which is what dominates the airwaves and that slowly but steadily other music genre acts like Bez, Simi and Adekunle Gold are carving their niche and getting their market share which is encouraging generally, the rapper went on.

Born Prince Alfred Kingsley Chukwuyem Leonardo Jr. to a Royal family in Agbor, Delta State Nigeria, the rapper “Pappy Thrill” is looking to steadily build a fan-base here that will keep him coming back. He expressed his gratefulness to his handlers during the short period he was around and has vowed to drop another single soon especially after experiencing the Nigerian music scene first hand. This has spurred him to hit his home studio and cook up several new songs specifically for the Nigerian market.

“Bless-up” by Pappy thrill is out now on radio and TV stations and can be viewed on YouTube -  youtu.be/kusX2TljiGQ


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