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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Own a property here with 500k deposit (Lekki-Ajah, Owerri or Awka)

Shelter is one of the most basic human needs everywhere in the world. We have heard of stock market crashes and banks going bankrupt.  The worst that can happen in real estate is a fall in value and this doesn’t happen. When it does, it is usually not a very bad situation.

Especially in Lagos which dominates most of Nigeria’s commercial activities, the demand for accommodation far outweighs the available supply. Having a real estate investment in a prime location goes a long way in determining how fast your ROI appreciates.

Pennek Nigeria has on offer exclusive housing estates in the best areas of Lagos, Owerri and Awka for you to pick from. The best part of it is that we let you do what you want in any way you want it.
If you’d like to buy virgin land and build to your taste, we’ve got something for you.

If you want a tastefully built edifice that would make you be the toast of all your friends…we have you covered too.

If you want to build to rent or lease…look no further than here.

If you want a purpose built property…a  gym, school, event center……we’ve got you.

Whatever it is you want to do, we take your dreams and make its realisation a daily task.

Expert advice at no extra cost and the best customer service is what you enjoy when you invest with Pennek.

From our Lekki Southern Villa Annex 1 to our PEN Gardens Phase 2 Ibeju-Lekki, Lekki southern Villa Phase 2, PEN gardens Owerri and PEN Gardens Awka, we have something to fit every one.

Call us today and get a feel of what we’re talking about.

0700 1000 000
0812 2493 114


9ja Parrot said...

No, I nor no want that side, flood dey there too much. Linda, find me another area where flood nor dey.

Abdullahi Mohammed said...

Lekki or Ajah even if na for free no take am play with me which time I want go learn to swim or even go dey look for canoe Linda if na joke pls make you stop am and I was made to believe that you liked me chai Lekki ke no be me o

Anonymous said...

The timing of this your advert na disaster o!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

iyke igbozendu said...

Lekki or lake?

Anonymous said...

Na flood you dey sell or na the house, which one, make i no whether I go go buy canoe or life-jacket.

Maximum Grade said...

Lekki flood city no way

Abtz said...

Una no fear God, una still want person to go buy land inside lagoon for Lekki abi?

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