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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Introducing the Dominos Pan Pizza - Pizza at its finest!

Ladies & Gentlemen!  The Best Just Got Better!

After over 3 years of development, we are proud to launch the Domino’s Pan Pizza - for those who #wantmore from their pizza experience.

It is freshly baked, using fresh, (never frozen) dough. It is baked in a pan, with deliciously soft, buttery and crunchy bite. It has amazing toppings all the way to the edge - no wasted crusts, and has not 1 but 2 layers of cheese in every bite!

Did we also mention that it comes in an amazing black box? You need to have it in your hands to fully appreciate this slice of heaven.

We are about to launch this product in a few hours, so keep those fingers crossed!


NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Not my thing

... Merited happiness

Manuel Kunmi said...

Nice one

Anonymous said...


ViVa said...

Domino pizza is wack tasteless, Debonair pizza is better and yummy.

Anonymous said...

Please you guys should come to enugu now

Anonymous said...

I think it's all about preference cause I wouldn't eat Debonair's pizza even if you paid me. I prefer Domino's pizza.

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