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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Ghanaian footballer in Italy confesses to killing his mother and sister

Solomon Nyantakyi, a Ghanaian footballer, was arrested by police in Italy on Wednesday morning for the double murder of his mother and sister. The former Parma midfielder stabbed his mother and sister multiple times on Tuesday afternoon in the family home in Via San Leonardo in the city of Parma.

He was arrested by police early the following day in Central Station, Milan as he stepped off the train from Parma. Following hours of interrogation by the cops, the footballer confessed that he's responsible for the double murder carried out in the home where the whole family (mother, father, two sons and daughter) live.

Solomon's father was in London on official duty when the crime was committed. Both bodies were discovered by the 25 year-old son, Raymond, when he returned home after his shift with an engineering company. At the moment, a firm case is being prepared against the suspect by a prosecutor.


Ike Louisa said...

Atrocity is the highest order. Do you deserve to be alive? No.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

For what Na?

... Merited happiness

Manuel Kunmi said...


Dupsy B said...

But why nah? Home trouble I guess. RIP to the dead

tsalz said...

Na wa ooo. Ur mother..end time men

Anonymous said...

end time drama everywhere these days, everybody is going crazy,

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why would anyone kill his own mother and sister, wow, what a world.

Anonymous said...

Some people wld pay anything to have their mother live again and you killed yours over a little rage. Isokay.

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