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Friday, 14 July 2017

Black Fox News host, Charles Payne busted after he sent racist sexy photos to blonde he was allegedly sexually harassing

Fox News host Charles Payne is in the middle of a scandal following a publication in The National Enquirer which exposed an email he sent to his female colleague. Charles Payne is alleged to have sent an offensive email to Fox correspondence Scottie Nell Hughes.

There are also allegations that he had sexually harassed her. In the email dated June 22, 2015, Payne allegedly sent a message to Hughes containing three scantily clad images of a blonde model who looked nearly identical to her. 


The model was wearing a skimpy string bikini with a confederate flag pattern. Many consider the Confederate flag to be a symbol of hate and racial injustice. As such, they are referring to the photos as "racist sexy" images.

In the subject line of the mail, Payne wrote: “admittedly I have no problem with this.”

It appears Scottie had no problem with it too at the time because they are alleged to have carried on an affair afterwards. However, after it ended, Scottie brought the sexual harassment claims.


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