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Friday, 14 July 2017

"A fake romance for the stability of my kids" - Widow reveals why she's in relationship with her late husband's brother

Beauty Therapist/mother-of-three, Ashley Murrell made news after she urged couples to not go to bed angry. This was because she fought with her husband of seven years Michael, and woke up to find him dead. The night before his sudden death, they had a heated argument when he returned home late from a 16 hour shift as she was worried that he was overworking.
They failed to resolve the argument before bed and she told him to sleep on the sofa, which he did. By the next morning, she discovered he was dead. 

Two months after, Ashley is facing criticism after she posted photos on social media of herself in an embrace with her brother in law Chris. She has now debunked allegations of being in a romantic relationship with him, saying they were only giving the impression they are a couple for the stability of her three children. 

"When Mikey died Chris was the first to come round and support me. I was in pieces and he was a massive comfort, not just to me, but the kids as well. We saw how well the children were reacting to having him around. They are used to having their dad around so it is nice and so important for them to have a male figure in their lives. And so we were pretending to be in a relationship for their sake. Chris is not a replacement for Mikey. He is their uncle and always will be," Ashley said.

Chris, an electrician, also defended their show relationship, saying it's natural to want to help. He said:

"Losing Mikey came as such a shock. It felt like someone had stuck a knife in my gut. I drove straight round there to be with Ashley because she had no-one else. We're a close family and Ashley and I have been great friends for 10 years but since the loss we've become best friends. I've been a rock for her and she's been a rock for me. My mum finds a lot of comfort in seeing us support each other and I know Mikey would be happy to see I'm helping his wife and kids. I don't know any brother who wouldn't. I am here to support Ashley and be a father figure for the kids but they are very clear on the fact that I am their uncle."

Ashley claims to have received death threats after allegations hit the internet.

"I'm just trying to provide a stable home for my kids and people are stronger when they are together. Nothing is stronger than a family unit. The fact that people are commenting such vile things is just disgusting. I've had death threats and people saying I suffocated Mikey. It's horrendous. People have even said they're coming for my kids and going to take out a contract to kill me and Chris. It is the last thing we need. It's crazy how people can just take one thing they've read and start judging a situation they don't understand at all," she said.


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