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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

29 year old groomsman jailed for having sex with 15 year old bridesmaid at wedding, giving her STD

A 29 year old groomsman gave a 15 year old bridesmaid whom he was paired with, several alcoholic drinks at the reception of his friend's 2016 Pennsylvania wedding, then had sex with her. 

John Sylvester Young was sentenced to 11.5 to 23 months in jail by an Allegheny County judge  after admitting statutory sexual assault and corruption of minor.

A court heard how Young kissed and touched the girl who is related to the groom, during the wedding reception in September 2016.  Following the reception, the members of the wedding party returned to their hotel where they spent the night.

According to police, the girl then went to Young's room around 4am the next day and they had sex. 

For two weeks, the girl sent Young nude photos of herself through Snapchat, according to The Tribune Democrat. The groom eventually found out and confronted Young who admitted to having sex with the girl. The groom then reported the case to the police and charges were filed against Young.

While at the station, the girl's family was left distorted after finding out that she had been diagnosed with the STD chlamydia which she contracted from Young as he was the one she only had sex with.

In addition to his jail sentence, Young  must also register as a sex offender for life.


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