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Friday, 30 June 2017

Uber is being sued over lack of wheelchair-accessible cars in Washington

Equal Rights Center, a nonprofit civil rights organization, filed a lawsuit against Uber for not making its service accessible for disabled customers in Washington D.C.
The lawsuit alleges that Uber is violating both the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires transportation companies to offer equal access to all riders, and D.C.'s Human Rights Act.
Uber's fleet of 30,000 vehicles in D.C. isn't capable of servicing passengers that have non-foldable wheelchairs, according to the suit. And even if they are, Uber provides no way for drivers to indicate that in the app. 

And UberWAV, Uber's option for handicapped riders in D.C., falls short in its service, the suit claims.

The Equal Rights Center said it is only suing Uber, not its competitors, for now.

Reacting to the lawsuit, a spokesperson for Uber said "we take this issue seriously and are committed to continued work with the District, our partners, and stakeholders toward expanding transportation options and freedom of movement for all residents throughout the region".


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