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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Photos: Suspected Badoo member apprehended in Ikorodu

A suspected member of notorious cult group, Badoo, was apprehended in Ikorodu, Lagos state yesterday June 30th. According to residents of the town, the man was found wandering around Obafemi Awolowo Road, before Government Technical College, Ikorodu with a Cutlass and a Bag full of waste.

When he was approached and asked some few questions, his responses were not clear. He couldn't defend himself. He said he was a farmer, and that all his family members were dead. The elders in the community prevented the youths from carrying out jungle justice as they held him down before they handed him over to the police at the Igbogbo Police station where he is currently being interrogated.


RareSpecie Z said...

Not a fan of Badoo bt he might be innocent of the charge brought by an apprehensive/angry mob.

rosy rosy said...

Anyone seen wondering around is now a badoo member? These people should be careful not to kill innocent people oooo...they should stop taking laws into their hands

Manuel Kunmi said...

It is well

Eeyore said...

Na mad man those ones catch.

Anonymous said...

Is this a joke?? It is obvious this man is just a stray how can they say he is a member of the group. People are just in a hurry to lynch nowadays. They know the members of the group but too scared to do anything. But if na waka about them go form lynching!


He may be innocent, strangers need to be careful now @Ikorodu esp @night.

Olabothey Alhani said...

chai Olohun mayo e o

Anonymous said...

Soo, man cannuh coman go and luk for his daily bread in dis bahdt economy again... waawu!

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