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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Woman gets best birthday present ever as she finds out she's going to be a grandma on her big day

When Terry Overfelt turned up to the 58th birthday party her daughter, Hillary Hinrichs arranged for her, she certainly wasn't expecting the rude and sweet surprise that awaited her. Turned out Hillary was pregnant and chose the perfect moment to break the news to the grandmother-to-be and in the weirdest way possible.
Hillary and her husband both aged 30 brought out a custom cake for Hillary's mom on which was written: 'Happy birthday, ya stupid lookin Grandma!' Grandma Overfelt was overcome with emotion at the double blessings. As for the rude joke, Hillary made it clear it's a family thing. She said: 'The "stupid lookin Grandma" is totally a term of endearment. It's our way of being playful with my mom and using an inside family joke and at the same time introducing the word "grandma," which will be her new role.

'Our love language is sarcasm. There's no question — it never crossed anybody's mind that it wasn't a joke.'
As for the future grandma, she thought the message was hilarious.
'As I read it and realized the last word was "Grandma," I was just so overwhelmed with happiness for Hillary and Derek and for the baby and was just flooded with joy and gratitude.
'They love me enough to call me stupid looking.'
The mom-to-be and her husband are due to welcome their baby girl on November 1, which is also the date of their anniversary. 


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