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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

SA Prison Strippers: Thirteen prison officials suspended

Thirteen prison officers have been suspended, after female strippers entertained inmates at the Johannesburg 'Sun City' Medium B Prison for the Youth Month celebrations last week.
The photos emerged on social media over the weekend, leading many South Africans to speculate that life was far better behind bars than on the outside.
Confirming that an investigation was under way, James Smalberger,  the acting national correctional services commissioner told journalists that thirteen prison officers have been suspended and will be made to face the 'full might of code of conduct.
"We can never tolerate what we have seen on the social media since Saturday," Mr Smalberger, said.
Thirteen officers are being suspended and will face the "full might of our code of conduct", he added.

Smalberger also apologised to the citizens of South Africa for the incident.
"The intention was never to have strippers or dancers in the facility... We want to apologise to the citizens of South Africa for this incident," Mr Smallberger said.


obioma said...

Eiyah...dose officers meant no harm nau...dey jst wanted to make d inmates happy and relax

Tunde said...

Nice concept that didn't go down welll

Cornelius Chukwu said...

The relaxed and now it is time to face punishment.

Anonymous said...

Wow. E be like say No recession for jail oo

Juwency said...

Yesooo, pray enter there too

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