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Monday, 26 June 2017

Photos/Video: Transgender prostitute robs foreigner in Thailand, leaves him looking like a model at a Kanye West fashion show

An Iranian man was left tattered after being mugged by a transgender woman in the early hours of Sunday, June 25, in Thailand.

35-year-old Karim told police he was approached by the trans woman riding a motorbike as he walked back to his digs near Soi Buakhao just before sunrise.

He accepted the offer of a 1,000 baht fee for sex thinking “the woman” looked a bit alright. He hopped on the bike which was when he realized that the she is in fact a he.

Words were exchanged, the bike stopped, the Iranian was threatened with a beer bottle and forced to hand over 5,000 baht – a sizeable cancellation fee to say the least. How his shirt came to be ripped wasn't made clear.

A good Samaritan stopped after Mr Karim called out for help but the woman felt threatened by the trans lady who didn’t hang about with someone else on the scene and sped off into the night with a fistful of cash.
Down the station the Samaritan explained the story, cops were dispatched to the scene of the crime but didn’t spot the accused. Statements were taken, reports filed and the police promised to catch the thief.

Watch video below...


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