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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Photos: Another Almajiri boy found chained in Gombe State

Barely two weeks ago, a young disciple student was found chained and sent to beg for food by his teacher in Kaduna, photos of another boy treated in similar way have emerged. The post published on Facebook is written in Hausa, read:
"From Gombe, yesterday a friend of the security and the plural called me on the phone to tell me that we have character and a child.

The boy's name was Hassan and does not exceed 6 years, said that the father is to bring this city to discipleship, according to him, his father died and he did not know the mother because he was not married. He was under the supervision of the teacher's azzaba it as you see in the picture.
Now the teacher of exaggerating jamiah security, although he said it reserves the child is not is not the actual teacher is put in detention.
Al-Ummah North past; is Jan attention on such harm in the name of Islam debate, yaronnan into bh took guns kill them, they came back saying Jonathan.
God's gift
Sheriff Almuhaji


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