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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Moment Trump interrupts call to new leader of Ireland to beckon on a "beautiful" Irish female presenter with a "nice smile"

President Trump is in the news for an unconventional move he made while speaking with the new Irish Prime Minister, who also happens to be Ireland's first gay Prime Minister.

Trump interrupted his call to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and beckoned on an Irish reporter, then proceeded to comment on her smile and how beautiful she looked - a move that some Twitter users have condemned.

Trump was in the process of congratulating Varadkar, the youngest ever Irish leader, on his recent election win, when he sighted the female Irish TV presenter and turned his attention to her.

He said into the phone: "Well, we have a lot of your Irish press watching us. They're just now leaving the room."

He then beckoned to the woman, saying: "And where are you from? Go ahead, come here. Where are you from? We have all of this beautiful Irish press. Where are you from?"

"I'm from RTE News... Catriona Perry," Ms. Perry replied with the name of the TV station she works with and her full name.

Trump then told the Irish leader: "She has a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well".

Others in the room laughed at Trump's remark and Ms. Perry stood for a short while, smiling awkwardly before she returned to her former position.

Perry, a fitness freak, later shared a video of the encounter on Twitter and described it as "bizarre".

 Twitter users criticised President Trump, saying his remarks were inappropriate and "vile".

One Twitter user wrote: "'Ms.Perry, please accept the apology of at least 1 female American"

"We apologize that our president is a weird, inappropriate creep," another said.

"I'm sorry our president treated you this way," said another US citizen.

Actor Kevin Chamberlin also weighed in on the argument, saying: "He called you over to look you over. Gross," then added the hashtag "Embarrassed for my country".

Perry, who is married, granted an interview to her own network where she spoke about the encounter. 

She said: "One minute we were outside the window and the next minute I'm meeting the President of The United States. Usually we would shoot from outside the window of the White House and that's what we were expecting today but instead, we were invited inside to witness the President's call to the Taoiseach. When we went in he was already on the phone but I managed to catch his eye and he called me over."

See the video below.


obioma said...

Seriously,i dont see anytin wierd in what Trump did.some people are so petty

desmond dennis said...

I think trump was just trying to tell the prime minister he can be gay if he wants to but as for him he likes girls and nothing can change that... To also let him know how beautiful Irish girls are and what the modafuckin gay man is missing... Lol

Junia O said...

Social media! Always making fuss

Anonymous said...

why did you "catch his eye".
That was a big mistake.

NaijaDeltaBabe said...

Baba nla perv

... Merited happiness

Anonymous said...

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Hephzibah Ariella said...

Enter your I luv this man,unconventional jst lyk me๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…

RareSpecie Z said...

Nothing wrong with what Trump did.
Infact what El Presidente did was Presidential.

CHERYL (aka FROM GLORY to GLORY) said...

Who doesn't know trump is a womanizer without shame and respect for women?

Long live LIB

Vivian Reginalds said...

na today?

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Agbomen said...

Very inappropriate. But Donald no send una.

AGB said...

Nothing wrong in what Trump did.

People would just be making a fuss over nothing.

AGB said...

Nothing wrong in what Trump did.

People would just be making a fuss over nothing.

Dungagerald said...

People always judging Trump wrongly. He made that nice comment about the lady because she is from the good media and not the bad media #cnn that treats Trump bad. Make reference to him telling the Prime minister in question that he is sure they treat him well. Linda stop hating on Trump. She is your grand dad for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

It is sooooooo wronget, embarrassing and disrespectful to call a female out like that. It's like objectifying her by saying she's got a nice smile I bet she treats you well. That's harassment. Some of you here are too dumb to understand his speech

joseph glass said...

Trump certainly knew wat he waz doin,he made his point nd it waz clear.@denis u r on point

Anonymous said...

This Linda, girl is certainly in love with Trump, see no other reason why she is always crying wolf at any step Trump made

Anonymous said...

Very true des.. this Hilary Clinton and Obama camp can like gays all they want , but for trump , he grabs em by d Pussy.. covfefe shit

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