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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kim Kardashian undergoes grueling workout with personal trainer in LA Stadium to tone her body

A fresh faced Kim Kardashian was photographed working out at an LA stadium with a personal trainer.
The mother-of-two went on The View last two weeks to talk about the unflattering unairbrushed photos of her backside that surfaced when she was holidaying in Mexico early in the year. She told the hosts that she realized she was not in the best shape and had employed a personal trainer to help her work on her diet and start workouts.

She was seen on Saturday with trainer Don Brooks engaged in grueling workout that included running up the stadium stairs and doing pull ups on monkey bars. In spite of the intense exercise, the reality star looked beautiful in a sports bra and high-waisted black pants. Her face was free of make up and this only served to showoff her flawless skin.

More photos below.


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