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Friday, 30 June 2017

Its Rewards Season In The Access Bank Family Fortune Promo

It’s not even Christmas yet but Santa Claus is coming to town and he’s here with the ongoing Access Bank Family Fortune Promo

Weekly and monthly, Santa will be ticking items off our wish list. 60 families were beneficiaries of the weekly random selection today.
 Little baby Joseph Olajimbiti is already experiencing his first Christmas. Prizes ranging from Gotv Decoders to data bundles and loads of movie tickets were given out today by the bank

The bank’s head of service and innovation Mr Chris Osisiogu played Santa. He called the families to announce the news of their winnings, with the help of the audience present at the Access Bank HQ in VI where the event held.

Don’t miss out guys, there are still loads of rewards to be given away, including family homes, family cars, soundproof generators, Scholarships, DSTV decoders, furniture set, home theatres, Gotv decoders, movie tickets, power banks, and loads of data bundle amongst others.

Getting on Santa’s good list is easy. Simply set up a family banking scheme with no more than 5 other family members. Maintain a minimum balance of N150k in your banking scheme for at least 7 days and you will qualify for a weekly random selection. Maintain 300k for 30 days and you will qualify for a monthly random selection.

Join the Access family fortune promo today, and enjoy bountiful rewards for saving. For more information, visit the Family Fortune Promo site, check out the “how to enter” video and follow the bank on their social media pages:
Facebook: @AccessBankPlc
Twitter: @myaccessbank
Instagram: @myaccessbank


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