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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Herdsmen: Bereaved son narrates how his family found his mother's raped and beheaded body in a farm in Edo

Suspected herdsmen raped and beheaded a woman identified as Margaret Udiamehi at Ekpoma, Esan West local government area in Edo state on Tuesday June 20th. When she went to her farm and did not return home, her family went in search for her and found her decapitated body, raped and lying by the roadside. Read the initial story here

In an interview with Vanguard, the eldest son of the deceased, Joseph, recounted how they found her remains. Read it after the cut...

“My mother went to the farm in the morning. At about 4pm when she had not unusually not returned, we started wondering what happened. We became scared and I rushed to the police station to report that my mother was missing. The policemen told me to give them 24 hours. I went home but I was agitated. I called my brother that we should go and look for her in the farm. We searched for her and later found her dead body without head in the farm. They raped her and beheaded her and that is the trade mark of herdsmen who operate in our area. We rushed to call the police and it was when they came that we started searching for her head and we found it somewhere around the farm. The police took the body to the mortuary. We are devastated because my mother was the breadwinner of the family. I don’t have a job, I have just been managing my life. In fact, we are confused. Just last year, her (mother) daughter lost the husband and my father died years ago and, since then, she has been the one shouldering the responsibility of the family. My mother was not sick, she was hale and hearty before she went to the farm. And the worst of it all is that the herdsmen did not only kill her, they raped her before beheading her. The herdsmen are the ones we see that operate in our farms. A ritualists would have taken away the head and will not rape her, it is only Fulani herdsmen that operate that way and we have many of them in our area. You can imagine that with her age she was raped by these evil people who are here to destroy our people. Our hunters went into the bush but we have not seen them. Each time they operate this way they disappear but I don’t think we will continue to condone this in our communities. Women are now scared of going to the farm, so what are going to do now for a living. This is destabilizing and I don’t know how we are going to cope with the situation because she was the breadwinner”he said


Vivian Reginalds said...

poor woman
-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

chinedu chukwuma said...

Hmmmm what a wicked world,how can sumbody rape an old woman dis people are animals

Daddy Code said...

RIP to u ma.... These are the animals d yorubas would share Nigeria with?? OK.

want to get a bigger penis? click here now said...

Hmmmm what a wicked world,how can sumbody rape an old woman dis people are animals

Agbomen said...

Gov Obasekii pls wake up to your responsibilities. This totally unacceptable and absurd. Animal who rape and behead help less women. It's really terrible!!! Pls Gov Obasekii do something!!

Call my name and you're dead meat said...

I don't want to sound bitter but why would a mature man allow his mother go to the farm. And he'll be at home. Knowing how dangerous farming has been because of the activities of the herdsmen,he should have accompanied his mother. So that he could protect her. This is sad. May her soul rest in peace and may God bring judgement to these demons amongst men.

#chinemerem said...

OK when others carry about the activities of this animals som ppl thinks it's haterid we have 4 some ppl in the other part of the country their dnt know what's go's arud coms bck arud. If u think is only igbos or the others r the ones talkin too much about this bushit u better wake up and join the igbos and others to stop this menace, let's put this animal where their belong,cous it wil get to ur place som day.#onevoice

Anonymous said...

His mother went to farm in the morning, instead of him to go and look for the mother, he went to report that she was missing at 4pm.
I suspect this guy, the worst thing that can happen to someone is to have idle grown men with you, they can do and undo.

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