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Monday, 26 June 2017

Chris Brown performs at BET Awards in front of ex Karrueche Tran after she was granted five year restraining order against him

Chris Brown performed at Sunday's BET Awards in front of an audience of which his ex Karrueche Tran was one of them.

This comes less than two weeks after Karrueche, 29, was granted a five year restraining order against Chris after the 28-year-old singer threatened to hurt her following their break up...


Though they were in the same venue, the pair made sure not to cross parts. Karrueche kept her distance from him, even as the crowd went wild at his performance. 

The restraining order against Chris Brown was granted on June 15. According to the order, Chris must stay 100-yards away from Tran, her home and her place of work. Brown was also ordered to pay her legal fees, which amount to $3500. 

During her testimony in court, the Karrueche claimed that after they broke up, Chris demanded she return diamond rings he bought her and when she refused he became aggressive.

She claimed he texted her threatening messages threatening to make her hate him more if he sees her out in public again. 
“Don't be anywhere I'm out in public, I'm going to ban you from all events,” Chris told Karrueche in one of the texts.
She claims he also sent her other texts such as:
“B*tch I will beat the s**t out of you”; and “I promise you I will make your life hell”; and “I can get my money back and I'm tired of playing games.” 
Karrueche also told the court Chris had physically beat her when they were together. 

Friends said Karrueche, who is now dating rapper Quavo of Migos, was stressing about whether to attend the Awards or not. Her new boyfriend Quavos was one of those who performed at the event so she wanted to be there for him, yet she wanted to be away to avoid Chris Brown. She eventually went and it turned out to be drama free.

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Gbemi said...

five years restraining order? for what? did chris brown beat her up or what? even rihanna did not get a restraining order.

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why didn't she return the diamond rings and presents that he bought her? she is supposed to be an independent lady now.

Anonymous said...

Who sabbi the stupid bitch blc chris made her popular.

It should be chris restrain her frm anywia arnd him not the other way round.

ahabike daniel said...

Still balling

Manuel Kunmi said...

lol nah them sabi

Anonymous said...

It wasn't drama free
Migos and chris brown had an altercation after the show in the parking lot
Do your research Linda

obioma said...

So Quavo and chris are in good real wa!

Anonymous said...

Na lie, it wasnt drama free. Migos was comin 4 chris back stage. Thanks to d security who stepped in. But tell Safaree to keep running til he getz to Jamaica

Babe said...

Karrueche the Hellen of Troy of our time na real wa

Vivian Reginalds said...

-D great anonymous now as Vivian Reginalds

Peres Jacob said...

He is still moving ahead with all the cases that kind pull down a normal artist.

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