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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Two Nigerian men arrested in India for cheating, overstaying

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) police this week arrested a Nigerian national for cheating an industrialist from Tamil Nadu.
The suspect, Antony Anderson, 42, is a resident of Selvaraj Layout, Virgo Nagar, Shigehalli, KR Puram. The police recovered two passports, 10 mobile phones, one tablet and a laptop from him.

According to the police, along with Prince Sisokpreal and Jems Adams, Anderson collected Rs 48 lakh from the victim promising to deliver some products, but absconded after collecting the money. The suspect was overstaying in the city. His visa and passports had expired. The police are searching for two other suspects in the case.

In another case, the police arrested Nwabuze Chukwujekwu, a resident of Selva Raj Layout.

On a tip-off, the police picked him up near Shigehalli bus stand. Chukwujekwu was staying in the city despite the expiry of his visa and passport.


Anonymous said...

Desperate niggers

Anonymous said...

Thank God it's not drugs this time lol.

Pharell said...

BellaNaija, we have noticed some tribalistic undertones in the pattern of your reportage of crime-related stories, for a long while. Please, there is a sizzling story involving three Nigerians making waves in both the international and national media outlets right now: Vanguard, LIB, etc. all have it in their latest bulletins. {Our observation is that if these were Nigerians from other parts of the country- the North, Igbo, Edo & South-South – I dare say you would have been the first media outfit to publish it [Oh! I regret the day Uche handed this blog over to the current crop]. Now, let me help you get to work:

Nigerians Jailed in The US:
Oladimeji Seun Ayelotan, 30, was sentenced to 95 years in prison;
Rasaq Aderoju Raheem, 31, was sentenced to 115 years and
Femi Alexander Mewase, 45, got 25 years in prison.
That brings it to a total of 235 years in prison.

BellaNaija, please learn to be fair-and-square, and get Nigerians updates on this- just as Vanguard, LIB, and other reputable outlets have done.
Thank you.

koss said...

Hmmmn! Pharell, is it the tribe an alleged criminal came from that matters? This tribe thing will take us deeper into disunity.

Hrm paul said...

Pharell or wat ever u call urself ur a prick a kiss ass.wat u just did is unpardonable u don't dis a blogger on another blog. U nevr should av brot this ur story here ur a mofo.Go to her blog and drop ur comment not here.If e pain u say na one particular tribe she dey report against jump into d lagoon oloshi

Unknown said...



Anonymous said...

And we wonder why Nigerians are brutalized in India

Anonymous said...

Paul,you are my favourite person on this blog jare. You no dey take any prisoners. Stupid people, bringing knife to a gun fight.

So 3 Yorubas got apprehended for fraud, as if that negates the thousands just this month, of Igbo ethnicity getting deported, left, right and center.

Awon oloshi jati jati.

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