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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Men of God and their acquisition of wealth

Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel in his private jet
I want to write something that will probably anger a lot of people out there and I will probably be crucified for this but after seeing what I saw yesterday, I want to speak my mind.

I try as much as possible to stay away from religious issues on this blog because it's a very sensitive subject and so many people take it very personal. But like I said, I saw something yesterday that got to me...and since I've been given a voice (my blog), I want to be heard.

Let me start by saying that I am utterly disgusted by the way some Men of God in this our generation carry on. Private Jets, Yachts, media empires etc...and you wonder; is this what Christianity is all about now? Acquisition of wealth? Are some of these Men of God supposed to be keepers of faith or men who milk from their congregation to fund and maintain their lavish lifestyles?

"Is This Love?' on Moments with Mo

Mo speaks with Charly boy on his upbringing & his views on raising kids

Children are adorable, aren’t they? But when these precious little angels go from cute and cuddly to mischievous and naughty, what do you do to instil discipline? And how far is too far?  In this episode, Mo tackles one of the most sensitive issues in the world – disciplining children.  
Listen as celebrities talk about their upbringing, and share their fascinating views on raising kids. Then, we critically examine corporal punishment and attempt to answer the ultimate questions: Should children be raised with more love or more discipline? Should kids learn the hard way or the easy way? Does this make or mar them? How do we find a balance in raising our children?  
If you are a parent, an aspiring parent, or you’ve ever had to baby-sit a child, this is one episode you can’t afford to miss! 

Mo & Radio Presenter -YAW- discuss his upbringing and how it shaped him

 Moments with Mo airs every Tuesday on Mnet West by 9.30pm with repeat broadcasts on the same channel (Mnet West) on Wednesdays by 2pm and Saturdays by 2.30pm

Is This Love? will air on Tuesday 7th September by 9:30pm with repeat broadcast on the same channel (MNET WEST) Wednesday 8th of September by 2pm and Saturday 11th of September by 2.30pm.

Terry G in terrible car crash

Terry G's mangled car
Singer-producer Terry G was involved in a horrible car crash early Saturday morning on his way home after hanging out with friends in Ikeja, Lagos. There were rumours that he was badly injured and in a coma...but he seems to be alright 'cos he tweeted later yesterday saying - "I dey o. Thanks for all the love.. God pass them..I wan go rest small!! Ginjah no go die. God guide us and One love my people! I appreciate…” 
Thank God for his lief...

You can read more about the accident here >>


Nigeria Becomes Africa’s Largest Online Audience And 10th Largest In The World

 Nigeria is the largest online audience on the African Continent  and the 10th largest in the world. This was disclosed by Idaresit managing Director of Wild  Fusion, while answering questions on the way forward for digital marketing in Nigeria, he disclosed that a new statistics as posted by the International Telecoms Union (ITU), shows that about 39.6% of all internet traffic from Africa is from Nigeria, about 29.8% of the population accesses the Internet while 43.9 million Nigerians access the Internet making Nigerians the largest online audience in Africa and 10th largest in the world.


Olasupo Olanrewaju The Facebook Fraudster: A Punch Newspaper Report

Do you know all your friends on facebook? Olasupo Olanrewaju‘s story is a reminder that one should think twice before clicking on the ‘add‘ button when a friend request is received, writes TOYOSI OGUNSEYE. 
Nothing about Olasupo Olanrewaju gives him away as a fraudster. Instead, his soft-spoken and gentle demeanor endears the 30-year-old man to most people. Olasupo, therefore, has no problem making friends. In fact, his courteous nature makes the ladies love him. Unknown to most of the women, there is more to Olasupo than meets the eye.


Friday, 3 September 2010

Nigerian experts handle first kidney transplant in Maiduguri varsity

The University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH), in collaboration with the Bayero University Teaching Hospital, Kano and Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, has successfully conducted a kidney transplant on a 31-year old Suleiman Usman. The kidney was donated by his brother, Abubakar Usman at the university’s Kidney Centre.


Buttercups Events

Buttercups Events is an event-planning outfit dedicated to meeting people’s event-planning needs.

Do you have a wedding coming up? A corporate event? Your child's dedication/christening? Kiddies party? Then, you should call on BUTTERCUPS EVENTS. Also, if you have already planned your event and are in need of a co-ordinator/s, we provide such services too. We consult, plan and co-ordinate events, and we are guaranteed to impress and please you.

The events we do are:
  • Kiddies parties
  • Baby christening/ dedication
  • Weddings
  • Corporate events
We also Provide ushers for events.

Once we are contracted, we do basically everything from choosing your colours to serving your guests. We pay adequate attention to details, leave no room for mistakes, and we do all we can to give your day a special touch.

Contact us today for more information on the various packages we have:

What's the best way to handle an interfering mother-in-law?

I've been married for seven months and I feel I am more married to my mother-in-law than my husband. She is relentless with her criticism and constantly questions everything I do. She doesn't live with my husband and I (she lives in the main building) but she has a key to our house and lets herself in all the time. Her attitude is beginning to affect my health. Help!

Linda says...people will treat you the way you let them treat you.

Please share your thoughts

Shakira's Waka Waka makes history

Shakira’s song, Waka Waka (It's Time For Africa) has become the best-selling World Cup song in history.

According to the numbers, Waka Waka managed to sell over two million sigles after being released.
It also became a viral sensation.
The video on YouTube has become the #4 most watched YouTube clip of all time! It’s also the #3 most viewed music video of all time!

Waka Waka may have been made popular by Shakira and Freshlyground but the song has been around since 1986. The orininal song is titled "Tsamina Zangaléwa." by a 1986 Cameroon Band, Golden Sounds 

Pictures from Omawumi's Video Premiere at Swe Bar

More pictures when you continue >>

Muna and Jen's outfits...I want!

Loves it!!!

Kanu Nwankwo donates building to University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital

Kanu and wife Amarachi

Footballer Kanu Nwankwo has done it again. He recently commissioned an ultra modern building he donated to the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital called the Heartland Building as part of his interest and commitment to helping people with heart diseases.

King cobra and grey mongoose clash in classic battle, but who ends up as dinner?

It's a classic battle between two age-old enemies as these two creatures stare into each others eyes. This epic showdown between mammal and reptile sees an Indian Grey mongoose taking on one of  the world's most poisonous snakes...a king cobra.

Continue >>

Okey Bakassi planning to run for Imo State Assembly

Comedian, actor and special adviser on Entertainment to Gov Ohakim of Imo State, Okey Bakassi, is said to be planning to contest for the Imo State of Assembly come 2011.

OD's Hustle of Die album out soon!

Rapper, OD, is set to drop his second album titled Hustle Or Die this September.Watch out for that!

Ghana ahead in internet speed

Ghana has been ranked number one in Africa for internet speed, thanks to Vodafone Ghana's launch of it's 4MB speed capacity, which is West Africa's fastest consumer internet cafe's broadband package.

Aside being ranked number 1 in Africa, Ghana has also moved from the 176th position globally to 52nd for downloads and 11th for uploads.

You want to know Naija's rank? Go to Source

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's vast media empire

In case you didn't know, the founder and senior pastor of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, is one of the biggest investor in the media in Naija today.

He owns the National Daily Newspaper, and National Standard Magazine
He's a co-owner of Super Screen TV
He owns Infinity TV Network (Satelite TV)
He owns a record label called LoveWorld Records
Plus LoveWorld Cyber Ministry, LoveWorld Television, Love World Christian Network, LoveWorld Multimedia Ministry and LoveWorld Publishing Ministry.

Celine Dion shows off her huge baby bump

  Pregnant 42year old Celine Dion posing on the cover of Canadian magazine 7 Jours with husband René Angelil and their nine-year-old son René-Charles

Kel now with Chocolate City

Sexy rapper Kel is said to have moved from her former label Clarence Peter's Capital Hill to Audu Maikori's Chocolate City which has artistes like MI, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince and Wizkid.

God bless Grandmas...lol

Grandma's have a way of grounding your ass when you start smelling yourself...ha ha!
Loves it!

Sexy Uche Jumbo...

Badass chick! Never seen her this sexy...

More pictures when you continue >>

Thursday, 2 September 2010

For the ladies...

You better keep looking.
I hear it helps with menstrual pain. If you are not on, then stress related ailments...lol

MNET's Top Ten African Rappers.

MNET Africa compiled a list of the TEN best rappers in Africa.
Check it out below...in their particular order

1. HHP (South Africa)
2. D Black (Ghana)
3. M.I (Nigeria)
4. Zeus (Botswana)
5. Sasha (Nigeria)
6. R2BEES (Ghana)
7. Nameless (Kenya)
8. Dama Do Bling (Mozambique)
9. Ikechukwu (Nigeria)
10. Tumi (South Africa)

HHP is a better rapper than M.I? Really?
Like my sister would say...Let there be peace!

BTW eLDee should be on that list jo!

"For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf" out Nov 11

Tyler Perry's production of 'For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf' was supposed to open during Martin Luther King Holiday weekend 2011, but Tyler pushed the date up so he could be considered during this year's award season. The new opening date is November 5.

What the heck kind of title is "For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide when the Rainbow is Enuf"?
What's the literal meaning? I read literature in school but this one pass me...

Photo of the day...

When the General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Enoch Adeboye met James Ibori!


Sex Workers In Ghana Protest Against Nigerian Invasion

Ghanaian girls who offer sex for money at Adum, a suburb of Kumasi in the Ashanti region, have expressed anger over some Nigerians importing younger and prettier girls who are gradually taking over the sex business.

If not for the intervention of the assembly member for the area, Albert Osei-Banahene, the enraged sex workers would have hit the streets in their nakedness and marched from one office building to another, just to get the authorities to come to their aide.

LOL! Sex business is serious business oh!

Keep reading >>

Adaeze Igwe Yobo...now!

Kinda looking a little different..

Lighthouse: Television and Filmworks

And then…there is Light!

Out of the blue emerges what could perhaps be suggested as Nigeria Africa’s answer to DreamWorks SKG (I am sure you get the idea). A very promising new-age Film and TV production outfit by the label: Lighthouse Television and Filmworks has firmly berthed in Lagos, Nigeria. From the ongoing whisperings and murmurings this could be it - a new cornerstone in local TV and Film programming could be on the horizon at long last. Developing…

Okadas in Lagos

Drivers of motorcycle taxis wait for passengers on a sidewalk along the outer marina road in Lagos August 31, 2010. Nigeria's commercial hub Lagos is trying to bring order to hundreds of thousands of chaotic motorcycle taxis, banning them from major roads and from carrying pregnant women or riding on the pavement. The bikes, known as "okadas", swarm like mosquitoes around sub-Saharan Africa's most populous city, swerving to avoid bribe-hungry traffic police, often mounting the kerb and frequently carrying entire families on their tired frames. - Reuters.

There are men...and there are MEN...chai!

Actors Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe and Lance Gross on the upcoming issue of Essence Magazine.

Some women have all the luck...imagine being married to any of these men...especially Lance..chai...as in every night o, every night! If you know what I mean...*wink*

Nigerian lady, Virginia Jibowu Gets ‘Apartheid Treatment’ At King’s College London

Not less than 166 signatures have been collected in a petition addressed to the British Prime Minister, David Cameron against the raging apartheid treatment meted to one Ms. Virginia Jibowu by the King’s College London. 

 Read more

The 14-year-old Brazilian girl who at 6ft 9in cannot fit on the school bus

Tallest: Elisany Silva towers over her friends as they play on the beach in Braganca in the Brazilian Amazon state of Para. The 14-year-old cannot attend school because at 6ft 9in tall she is too big to sit on the bus

14 year-old Elisanya Silva measures unbelievable 6ft 9in tall, making her one of the biggest teenagers in the world. The pretty youngster is believed to be suffering from a rare disease which has caused extreme growth.


Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Happy new month!

You better get to living life to the fullest
You better get to giving all you have to those who deserve it.
And don't forget to throw in a little forgiving to those who hurt you and loving those who love you.
You better get to knowing and showing a little bit more concern about where you're going in life.
You better don't sweat the small stuff and keep your chin up when times are tough
And if it gets too rough, fall on your knees and pray.

Happy new month.

Caroline Ekanem finally quits acting, now runs a multi-million naira production company

Caroline and husband, Musa Danjuma

Pretty actress, Caroline Ekanem has officially quit acting. Her new found love is now music and artist management. The mother of two now runs a multi-million naira production company called Guepard Productions, in Lekki, Lagos. Her husband, former Defence Minister, Gen. TY Danjuma's younger brother and director in Southern Petroleum (A crude oil exploration company), Musa Danjuma is the Chairman of Guepard Productions while she's the MD/CEO.

Guepard Productions which started barely a year ago is involved in artist management and also has a multi-million naira state-of-the-art recording and production equipments for editing and handling of audio-visual jobs.

Life is good! :-)

Michelle Obama in Duro Olowu

Duro Olowu is a Nigerian born London-based designer.
Fantastic stuff!

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