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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Burqa ban in France...

They are trying to ban face covering Burqa in France.

France's lower house of parliament overwhelmingly approved a ban on wearing burqa-style Islamic veils on Tuesday July 13th. The approval according to the parliament is part of a determined effort to define and protect French values that has disconcerted many in the country's large Muslim community.

The issue has been debated across Europe, and Spain and Belgium have similar bans in the works. In France, which has Europe's largest Muslim population, about 5 million of the country's 64 million people are believed to be Muslim. While ordinary headscarves are common in France, only about 1,900 women are believed to wear face-covering veils.

The legislation would forbid face-covering Muslim veils in all public places in France and calls for euro150 ($185) fines or citizenship classes, or both.

The bill also is aimed at husbands and fathers – anyone convicted of forcing someone else to wear the garb risks a year of prison and a euro30,000 ($38,000) fine, with both penalties doubled if the victim is a minor.

What do I think of this ban? I'm kinda scared of writing it but I will...hope I don't get bashed too much o..:-)
OK here it is. I find this ban a little oppressive really. I mean what happened to freedom of expression/living the way you wanna, as long as you are not hurting anyone? It's part of the Muslim culture and I think we should all just learn to tolerate other people's cultural values/religious differences.

The argument is that the face-wearing Burqa veil is a symbol of abuse of women by Muslim men, BUT there are women who actually WANT to wear it! What happens to that percentage? I would 100% support this ban if women were actually forced by their men to wear it, because that makes it demeaning, but like I said there are women who have no qualms wearing it, in fact, will not step out of their homes without it! Except you say if they want to wear the Burqa then they should move to a country where it's the norm? Yeah, that makes sense. See how confused I am? :-)

See, if they are banning this veil for security reasons then that makes sense, but if it's for women liberation/equality, then...? I don't know sha...what's your thoughts on this?


Anonymous said...

Linda you raised some valid points but one of the reasons France gave for banning it is that they are trying to combat terrorism. you can't see who is under the veil and they consider that a security threat. I am actually in support of it. I never feel comfortable around them in those dark cloaks. it's just a bit freaky. I mean what happened to the normal hijab?

P.S. don't be scared that people(aka the ITKs of blogsville) will bash you. just voice your opinions and if it turns out you're wrong, you can always learn new things.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

why would we crucify you for stating the obvious truth? tell them sister! these Europeans keep digging holes for themselves all in the name of "supremacy" and "globalization". these are one of the reasons why they get bombed and i am 1000% against terrorism. these Europeans need to know that there are certain things that do not belong to the state but to the individual.
my prayer is that the middle east does not react to this in the way i think they might.

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of the biggest mistakes ever made in the name "equal rights" because it is doing the exact opposite. Why ban someone from being themselves? Religion to some people is not just a faith, it's their purpose in life. I mean, I guess it is for every religious person out there but my point is that some people don't chose to do things because it is not optional for them. they believe that is what their Lord told them to do and going about without the burqa could mean the same thing to them as running around naked for the average person.
This is a big offense to human rights and I don't even understand how a culture can be threatened! Culture isn't fixed, it is molded by time and those women are as French as all other French women who don't wear the burqa.
And anon#1 terrorists try to avoid as much attention as they can when committing their crimes, I don't see how wearing a big black cloak is not going to get all eyes turned towards you in a country like France. I am very afraid of anyone who dress emo (or whatever they call themselves) because to me tattooing and piercing your body outrageously just tells me there's something wrong up in your brain, but I don't just freak out because I see one of them around the corner.
I have been outraged the first time I heard this, and I am outraged that the bill actually passed... Sad world! And to think that they changed the turn of history with their "French Revolution" SMH

Anonymous said...

Btw, kudos Linda, completely agree with you! (I didn't even read the whole post before commenting :P)

Anonymous said...

Linda, u too dey fear. Say it as you feel jare (but notice that i am writing anonymously- hehehe)!

Anyhow, here is my opinion: the french have every right to determine what happens in their country. Anyone who doesn't like it can go and jump in la manche (the english channel).

People are just too politically correct especially when it comes to muslims. They like to cry about "freedom of expression" and the right of women to wear whatever they want but nobody ever makes similar demands from the government and people of Saudi Arabia. These people cannot eat their cake and have it too... if they don't like their countries for whatever reason, and choose to live in France, then they should do as the french do when in France.

Anyway opinion or no opinion, the french lower house has voted, courageously i might add, to stop being bullied. A tiny minority (1500 women) will have to make a minor change to protect the lives and property of the majority. This afterall is democracy in action.

Vive la France!!!

Snick said...

Well what I would ask is this, can we women who live in more liberal societies move to one where the Muslim religion dictates the culture and way of life of the inhabitants of that place and dress the way we feel like,i.e, in our capris and so on, with our hair (fake or real) blowing in the wind, regardless of whether it is an acceptable code of dress according to our religion or way of life? The answer is NO! That simplifies it for me. Some muslims detest the way people live in these places, yet they are able to benefit from the same way of life and rules they frown upon. In some countries, women aren't even allowed to drive without male companions, yet a woman can go to a place like the United States and demand that her driver's license picture be taken in her burqa, with only the eyes visible. This was a real case. Now tell me, who does that help to identify? Am I as an officer supposed to be able to tell your eyes apart from the eyes of another. Civil liberties are one thing, but it has to stop somewhere, religion or no religion.

Ready2Go said...

Linda I agree with you 100%. I do know that other religious symbols are banned in other religions, but I feel like this is an entirely different matter. I feel like France gov't is going to suffer a lot of backlash from this.

BANNING THE burqua is not going to stop terrorism, otherwise countries like the US would have been dune that a long time ago.You are scared of them and others are not, so it may just be you.

Mena UkodoisReady said...

I agree with same way I agree with China for their death penalty and with Saudi/middle east for their own beliefs. Let them retaliate with their own restrictions.

Its about time people accept that we are not the same, and so 'migrants' should respect the culture of whatever part of the world they CHOOSE to move to!


Anonymous said...

you lot have been mentioning they should go back to their countries, the majority of the are French yo' France is their home, why cant they practice their belief in their country, i just think it unfair that people are not allowed to do what they want to do that does not hurt others. This is the result of the new world order in which they are trying to ban religion, people have to open their eyes and stop being brain washed. I urge you all to google The Arrivals and watch what the world is turning to.

Elisabeth said...

The main thing is simply a security issue. Driving with thick-framed glasses is somewhat limiting, how much more a face covering veil. How are people meant to identify you even for the most banal of tasks like going to a bank, waiting in a queue etc?

In addition, the fact that people are quoting freedom of expression is quite interesting because you could not say that in some of the cultures such people come from.

France has its own culture and customs and I believe immigrants should learn to integrate and adapt and not try to take advantage of the "freedom" they more often despise. If you don't like it, for heavens sake, don't live there.

The Burqa seems to only work in certain cultures. Muslims are urged to dress modestly and as far as I am concerned, a regular hijab should suffice.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Mena;you just hit the nail on the head.i am a christian and i reside in saudi arabia and i dare not move out without my black gown called abaya.Muslims try to place their own belief on others yet they cannot allow others to do the sa\me to them.The muslims should realise that life does not revolve round them alone;yhey should learn to live and let others too.i support this ban with all my strenght.Islam is not tolerant of other religion too.

Anonymous said...

Anon *:40 above has spoken my mind!! am sure the Jihadists will be up in arms soon..

Anonymous said...

I would have defended them before but with the whole terrorism going on, i am in support to do anything to protect your country. The question is how does burqa affect or relate to terrorism? Well, it doesn't necessarily but extra caution doesn't hurt, especially with how they are very sneaky with their ways. Let's see your face very well, bcos you might be a suspect that they are looking for or who knows what you are up to. For security purpose, do whatever it takes to protect your country.

I don't know why people always try to be careful or politically correct when it comes to muslims. Stop feeling sorry for some of them, they know what they are doing. The truth about it is that they are ready to attack and go after Europe and America bcos they are not able to spread their ideology the way they spread it all over Africa eventhough they took over Britain but left to them they want to take over the world, which is part of their teaching. I understand, everybody is trying to push their belief one way or the other, but why are they so violent?

How can i look at a muslim guy with long beard, or a woman covering her face the same way, when some of these people are ready to put their lives down to take other innocent lives. How dare them want to build a mosque on ground zero! It says a lot about their mindset.

Yes, people should be allowed to practice their belief but sometimes muslims get away with a whole lot of things that christians can't even get away with. Nobody in their right mind should compare these two bcos they are complete opposite. The more people hate on christianity, the more it shows it's the only TRUTH. Majority doesn't equal truth.

Anonymous said...

they banned the wearing of the crucifix?? whats that in comparison to the burkha?

Anonymous said...

Here's one woman's protest against the ban. The incredible video can be seen here:

Anonymous said...

If you don't want to be seen stay at home. and then what mixed-sex areas have to be shut or we should create single-sex ones?!!!!I definitely approve of this decision: outfit is cultural and not religious. The ninja garment comes from a country where women are considered as worthless creatures. The moment people start considering us human beings, everything will be alright!!!

Anonymous said...

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