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Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Tuface, Timi, Omawunmi and Nana Abrewa quotes

Tuface quote
On women and fame
Tuface " I like to take things naturally. Apart from being an artiste, I see myself like anybody else. I just take things naturally. No airs, I'm just myself all the time. On women, they come definitely, but I take it easy". You take it easy and already have two kids from two different women? Tuface, you are a champion!

On when he's getting married
"I don't know yet"

On the story that four girls are pregnant for him
"Up till now, I don't even know. Make we wait, we still dey count". This is supposed to be a joke?

On the millions of naira given to him by MTV
"We dey try, we dey wise up these days. You have the opportunity of watching TV and see them sell shares, see people buy houses, we are learning because investment is the in-thing now". Sensible!

Timi Quote

Did he think he would win?

"I just had a dream that one day something great will happen to me, it's been a long way, but I'm really happy it did happen"

On what got him this far

"I will say God first. And then hard work, and I had a praying grandmother."

His focus on projecting the image of Africa

"It is to uplift that image. They think Africans do a certain type of music in the whole world, they place Africans on a certain level in music. I think I stand a chance to proove the rest of the world wrong.

On the ten thousand dollars he won

"First of all, I will rush to the church and pay my tithe. I will make sure I do all in my power, that what we didn't have when I was growing up, we sure will have now". I wish he had won more cash!

Omawunmi quote

Was she disappointed when Timi won?

"No never! If you watched the top 24, it was Timi and I who scaled through. Even during the auditioning in calabar, Timi and I auditioned together. That was where I fell inlove with Timi's humility. Timi is a great person and a brother indeed, he deserved to win"

Idol West Africa Nana Abrewa quote

On her personal life

"My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. You watch movies that tell these stories and you imagine they can never happen in real life. When I confronted him, he said it was the devil that made him do it. When I confronted her, she said it was not her fault. So was I to blame" No sister, you just had a cheating boyfriend and nasty girlfriend!

On her music

"I was the first female Ghanaian to come out with a hip hop album, before that, all the women were singing either gospel or traditional music."

The problem with Ghanaians

"The problem with Ghanaians is that we are attached to our old ways of life. When we get used to one thing, it is very difficult for us to switch to another. If you try to groove to music from the western world, my people will think you are not being real". She said alot but let's stop here...

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  • At 5 June 2007 at 23:22 , Blogger Tayo said...


  • At 5 June 2007 at 23:25 , Blogger Tayo said...

    OK, I'm surprised at Tuface's elusive answers. Why not come out straight? TuBaba, if you're reading this, make you dey careful o. How 4 girls go get belle for you? Easy o.
    I was (and still am) happy Timi won over Omawumi. I'm keeping my reasons to myself.
    Nana, eh yah, i feel for you o. Boyfriend/best friend, bad combination. I hear she's doing a good job in Ghana Hip Hop. Keep it up.

  • At 5 June 2007 at 23:58 , Blogger TJ The Actor said...

    Tuface, i be one of ur # i fans! but dude what's up? with ya? do u have d word CONDOM in ur dictionary at all? oh my gosh! another set of 4 women dey carry belles 4 u broda? u be Bobby Brown? man u gotta watch out don't allow ur fucking fame to take d best part of u..RESPECT WOMEN don't use dem or take dem 4 granted? behind every succesful man there's always a woman and behind his downfall women!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i have to personally EXCORIATE ur JONNY when i land 4 naija this December ..ol boy na wah 4 u ooo, i wish u read this .....

  • At 6 June 2007 at 00:01 , Blogger TJ The Actor said...

    Timi broda.. no condition is permanent! God ain't sleeping..he blesses each and everyone of us in different ways....God's time is always da best no doubt about it! am still waiting 4 my breakthrough bro$$$$$$

  • At 6 June 2007 at 04:02 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    As much as I love tuface's music, I have one word for him, get a rep for your publicity. A mouthpiece to answer your questions.
    This has to be the most ignorant ish I have ever heard.

  • At 6 June 2007 at 12:37 , Anonymous wienna said...

    So, Linda when r u going to 'quote' mr. F? lol

  • At 7 June 2007 at 10:31 , Anonymous The Kinkster said...

    Abeg leave Tuface alone, Nah today?And stop asking him when he's getting married, how many kids get belle for am etc. Stupid question beget stupid answers so TuBaba, no shaking!!!!

    Idols-Off my list for discussion, a disappointing end

  • At 8 June 2007 at 10:21 , Blogger tayo said...

    i'm glad timi won,but iwill advise him to handle his fame with care,he should not allow the fame to get to his head.And i will give kudos to all the judges and mike for the job well done.


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