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Friday, 24 June 2016

Popular Weightloss coach Mercy Owie shares testimonial of one of her clients and it's very interesting

This is a sponsored post.
If I had met you on time I won't have wasted my money buying rubbish Ebooks. I regretted the day I came across most of this people selling ebooks on how to lose weight even though most of them doesn't even know what they are talking about. This Was part of the story Ife Sent to me 2 Days ago and below is her story.
Hi Mrs Mercy

My name is IFE and i just want to tell you about how you have changed my life for Good.

I am a Regular everyday Woman who owns a Super market with plenty of sales girls and  does Nothing but eating.

My predicament with big belly started When i had my first cesarean  childbirth, I had this huge big belly after that and tried all available methods to reduce it but none was working.

Mind you i wasn't really Fat but i had a huge big belly problem and it was making me seriously conscious of how i was looking.

And honestly this gave me heavy sleepless nights.

Then 3 Years back i came across the first Nigerian Weightloss Coach of my life with all the promises
of helping me lose my belly fat only if i just buy his Ebook.

I was Convinced with his write ups and paid into his account.

Then what he sent to me was a Pdf with only Onyinbo Food and oyinbo kinds of exercises.

I ended up not getting any results from that Book.

Then another person came again with Another ebook.

This time around i paid for the ebook, but i didn't get anything from them which means i was scammed.

Lastly i tried one popular Product Called Clean9,

I won't lie that product worked for me but My eating habits and lack of exercise didn’t make the result last Long In Me.

To say i was troubled about my big belly was an under statement.

The only clothes i could wear was just gowns and that's all. Even wrapper was not an option.

One lucky day i was going through Linda Ikeji's Blog and i saw one of your Post and instantly i subscribed to it.

And i must say to you the N5,500 You charged for your program is the best Investments i ever did.

At first i was skeptical about the program, Because I was scared if i was going to be scammed again,
Especially after putting a call to one of your lines and a Man who says he is your manager picked it up.

When i finally got over the fear of been scammed.

The next fear i was having was if your program was going to work for me.

It took me almost 10days to finally Conclude to join your program.

And after i did.

I never looked back since then.

First of all i must give you kudos on how well you manage your clients and checking up on them regularly.

Your regular check up was more of an inspiration to me.

By Fourth week of the program my big belly was almost totally lessened And i was seeing that i could wear Clothes better now.

And You never for once said that Your program reduces big belly gotten from caesarean sections.

I managed to follow up till the end and i must tell you my big belly is almost extinct now.

So i am writing this Long email for only one reason just to show you how excited i am with the program and i recommend the program very well to anybody.

Only one problem i currently have with the program was the exercises.

I think they are a little bit too easy to do. {Even though they gave me good results too}

I would have loved to do a video testimonial if you want madam.

Thanks again for this amazing 8 Weeks Rapid Fatloss Coaching program.

Ifeoluwa Tolulope.

So there you have it, a testimonial from one of my 8 weeks Rapid Fatloss Coaching Client.

This program is undoubtedly the Number 1 Weightloss CoachingProgram in Nigeria Where we use all Round Natural Means to lose weight and Keep it Off in a matter of weeks.

This program is online based which means you don't have to leave your current location to participate.

And All the foods in the program are strictly Natural Nigerian meals which makes it easier for you to join as you don't have to stress yourself to get some of the meals.

I personally follow up on you to ensure that you are actively participating in the program and to know how you are making progress.

These and many more are some of the benefits of participating in my 8 Weeks Rapid Fatloss Coaching Program.

So if you have struggled with Bellyfat, Arm Fats, Body Weight or you simply want to keep fit and look healthy participating in this program would help you achieve your aim wella.
Click Here To Sign Up >>  http://naturalbeautyconcept.com/bad-food/

The Economy Right Now Is not funny everybody is complaining Badly.

With This in Mind i have made it extremely easy To participate in my Rapid Fatloss Coaching Program,

The main reason i am doing it is because i want everybody who really wants to lose weight using my eating strategy to do so without having to rob the bank to participate.

Click Here To Sign Up >>  http://naturalbeautyconcept.com/bad-food/
To clarify lots of questions around my program and make it easy for you to sign up for my program.
I would like to answer some questions.
First Question i want to answer is this.
My program is not for pregnant women at all, If you are pregnant please put to bed first before you can sign up for the program.
But if you are trying to get Pregnant, you don’t have a problem at all using my program, infact i can assure you that using my program increases your chance of getting pregnant, because it cleanses your body and makes you more sexy for your darling husband.
Meanwhile if you have just put to bed like 1-2 Months old baby, Even though my program won’t affect you or your baby.
Its just advisable that you don’t participate in my program yet.
Because i don’t think you are strong enough to participate in a program that would make you stress yourself at all.

Second Question i want to answer is that my program are strictly Nigerian meals you are used to, Nothing changes.
The only difference is that i give you newer approach to prepare those meals and make them actually FAT Burning Foods.
So be rest assured you don’t have to cut an Arm or leg to participate in the program.
Third Question is Would my program work for belly Fat and Body weight ?
Well when i started this program, I only had one major problem in Mind to solve and that was belly Fat which is why my program is majorly focused on both belly fat and Body Weight, So if you had wanted to shed of Excess Belly Fat.
Sign Up For My Rapid Fatloss Coaching Program Here By Click On The Link Below.
Please if you take advantage And sign up for my program today and you are able to join the program please ensure you follow everything as instructed and you would be happy you did.
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Looking Forward to Seeing You Inside The Program.
Mrs Mercy Owie
C.E.O Natural Beauty Concepts.
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