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Friday, 20 May 2016

Increase Revenue/Brand awareness by 400% in just a month!!!

It's no news that digital marketing is the new traditional marketing. Digital marketing, a panoptic phrase for the marketing of products or services using digital channels to reach consumers as opposed to the traditional method is a measurable, targeted and interactive way to promote brands through various forms of digital media.

Digital channels include but isn't limited to:
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM etc)
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
SMS and USSD Marketing
Viral Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Google Display Adverts
Corporate Websites and App Design and Development
Digital Animation / Presentation
Online Advertisement and Blogs

ViralNig is a seasoned digital / viral marketing consultant with years of experience, helping Entrepreneurs, SMEs and Multinationals in different industries to implement strategies to meet their digital marketing objectives, to help improve their brand penetration at very affordable cost.

ViralNig adopts the viral marketing model which is designed to propagate information very rapidly by making it likely to be passed from person to person. We are committed to digital marketing excellence by applying experiences from years of satisfying clients.

This is your perfect opportunity to increase sales and improve your business exponentially, let's help your business with Advance Digital Marketing today using digital platforms, online platforms, social media and mobile platforms to increase your revenue.

Over the years Smart Business(es) have leverage the benefits of digital platforms to develop their business by extending their brand messages to their customers at little and affordable costs.
Starting from N50, 000, our digital marketing experts will help increase your company’s / business’ revenue and also make your message go viral (also for Non profit Organizations).

Stop reading and start Calling as we can only take few companies at a time. For more information please call :
Felix: 08167975432
Moses: 07053264554


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