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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Have you lost hope of your health due to diabetes?

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Diabetes has a devastating effect on virtually every system in the body. This is what sets the stage for a variety of diabetic complications. But the good news is that most individuals with Type II diabetes are able to reverse or dramatically mitigate their disease with the following steps:

1. Get Insulin problems under control:

Diabetes is triggered by insulin resistance and regaining proper insulin sensitivity can help reverse the process. Limit consumption of sugars, grains and processed carbohydrates and focus on healthy proteins, fats and green veggies.

2. Fix your intestines:
Grains and toxins cause damage to the intestinal lining and facilitate leaky gut syndrome. Depleted beneficial bacteria [Probiotics] in the gut caused by poor diet, antibiotic use can make the problem worse. Avoid toxins whenever possible and take a high quality probiotic to help the intestines heal.

3. Exercise:
Even the mainstream medical community recognizes the advantage of exercise, as it increases the muscles ability to use insulin and over time can help fix insulin resistance. All exercise isn't created equal though and fortunately, smaller amounts of high intensity exercise have been shown to have a better effect on insulin levels (and weight loss) than an hour of daily moderate cardio. According to the Healthy Skeptic: “A pair of studies done at McMaster University found that “6-minutes of pure, hard exercise once a week could be just as effective as an hour of daily moderate activity“, according to the June 6, 2005 CNN article reporting on the study.” I recommend high intensity exercise anyway for its various health advantages, and it is great for diabetes control too.

4. Reduce Stress:
Stress raises cortisol and can lead to hormone imbalance, insulin issues and increases risk for certain types of disease. Work to reduce your sources of stress from lack of sleep, exposure to toxins, mental and emotional sources and poor diet. Getting quality sleep every night can help reduce stress hormone levels and is great for blood sugar.

5. Supplement:
Supplements can help your body heal from diabetes, especially while your body works to gain proper insulin reactions again.
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Pretty face said...

Ok, seen

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Unknown said...

Issokay seen! Linda take note!

Optimist Ibk said...

This is helpful. Health is Life

Optimist Ibk said...

This is helpful. Health is Life

Unknown said...

No cure for hypertension? My mum is hypertensive

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Anonymous said...

just these?

See what this woman and man are doing in the church

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i was expecting something mind blowing

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but my uncle's wife does almost all these. ma na ihe na ebe ka na ebe

man caught wife having hot sex with ex-boy friend in a the bathroom at their wedding reception party(Photos)

Anonymous said...

i will let my uncle know about these cos he has aged overnight since he started suffering from diabetes

can you do this ladies? See the stunt this lady pulled on her wedding dress

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Lol. Laugh at Nigeria's funniest comedy skits here

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Samson Ogundana said...

Very true, I've been treating my sister for some years now but no visible result until we tried using this product and it really worked for her.

Unknown said...

google lchf for your sis ,she wld be perfect.

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Thanks for the info.

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oluseundele said...

There is, you can visit www.perfectwellnessoptions.com or mail us at ooluwaseunayodele@gmail.com for adequate information.

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