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Friday, 21 December 2012

The Annual Corona Alumni Networking Event

The Annual Corona Alumni Networking Event will take place at the Corona Victoria Island Primary School on December 21st.
As always, this is a great opportunity to network with Corona Alumni from all across the globe as well as past teachers and Trust Council members. The event is open to all alumni from Secondary school to Primary school and even Nursery school. Just make sure you RSVP to PS: Don't forget your Business Cards
See event details after the cut...

Event Details
Venue: Corona Primary School Victoria Island (Waziri Ibrahim off Ellis Femi Pearce off Adeola Odeku)
Date: December 21st, Friday
 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Hall closes at 9:30 pm) Refreshments: Music, Cocktails, Light Refreshments and Some Surprises.
Drinks: Provided by Shakers N Ice
The Corona Alumni Association is a gathering of alumni (both Secondary and Primary Schools). Our newsletter serves to inform Alumni about the latest Corona news as well as highlight Corona Alumni that are doing great things across the globe including graduations, weddings and more.
If you have news about or you want to recommend a Corona Alumni to be featured in this newsletter please email us at or visit


Anonymous said...

Will certainly be there..To make cool cash this season follow this link

NaNmA LaBaR said...


Anonymous said...

Tankz for d info. Guess am d first to comment.I love linda ikeji to pieces Dancin azonto. Kendra

Anonymous said...

really...posting 6 hours before the event... y'all have to do better and improve your outreach...def didn't get the memo.

Anonymous said...

Yehhhhh...I graduated from corona secondary skool!!
4 those of u who want 2 see d beautiful, sexy Billie attend cos I will b der...
and its not 4 d razz ones amongst u lot!!!
We hav a reputation!!
Plsss dress well!!
Billie jean

Atobatele said...

Nice one.

Emeralda said...

I'm a Corona Alumni, U dont sound like one. Ur fake. Watz d'first stanza of our Anthem? N'plz quit impersonating Bilie Jean!

Hey, who's d'curren

Emeralda said...

Nd hey, who's'd'current ED?... Whrz d CSTC located? N'who's'd Director @ CSS?... Whr is it even?
Plus, what house were U in Corona Sec?, when did U graduate n'who was ur Housekeeper????


Unknown said...

Well, I can't mk it cuz ur post came late. I'm an Alumni frm d secondary sch. 2006 set.

Anonymous said...

D current principal is Mr Okunubi..forma biology teacher and Mr Oba(former art teacher is V.P acad.
I know Mr Chiezie and chimezie.. Igbo and Econs teachers.
Need I say more??
Don't mess wif Billie jean
Plus I was in WEAVER house!
I was also at Nguru hostel!
Der is d Utra modern boy's hostel.
Location Agbara
Won't mention wen I graduated cos its not ur Biz!
Billie jean

Anonymous said...

Aww. Wish I cld go. I was is damini's (burna boy) set. Would have loved to meet him again ^_^

Anonymous said...

Billie Jean u really went to corona. Mr chieze. Well I was in kingfisher house and later became d fmale housecaptain while brume was fr male. Pls tell us ur real name.

Anonymous said...

Billie jean for an ex-Corona student i worry at your spelling, style of typing and English in general. Waste of money billie goat. Maybe you need to go back for perfection.

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