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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Nokia E7 Smartphone winner is...

Find out in a few days...just sent in all your comments to the Nokia people...they will come back to me with a winner. And please believe me, there will be no ojoro...whoever they feel wrote the most creative answer is getting the E7 phone...promise! So, fingers crossed.


Surprise said...

Okay. I'm starting a prayer and fasting session because of this phone. I need it badly. Infact I'm embarking on dry fasting till the phone is mine.

Are you back for real or you will be shuttling between swagger island and home or office for the remaining days of the reality show?

Linda Ikeji said...

@Surprise...i will be shuttling...i hope u win too...:-)

Peter said...

I already have a list of Nokia apps that I could use with this phone, NOKIA please give me this E7 for optimum utility.
Linda, I hope to win the phone and get to meet you...I am a big fan!

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