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Saturday, 30 April 2011

"Fela is not on broadway" - Foly Asiko

Folly Asiko
"After a very long silence, I have decided to react to the sudden and extensive commercialization of the image of my hero - Fela by writing a song to express my feelings." - Musician Foly Asiko

In the song, Asiko takes aim, particularly, at what he sees as the capitalistic exploitation of Fela's image on Broadway where the show Fela has distorted and simplified the hard work and ideology of Abami Eda. Foly explains that the Fela being presented on Broadway is not the Fela he knew and grew up with. The Fela on Broadway is not the image or representation of the fearless leader he so much admired, and learned a lot from.

According to him, his song takes listeners from the daily comfort of illusion back to the real world of Afrobeat, where truth is the code of existence and honesty is the modus operandi.

Some people have wahala sha...the video when you continue

Release Yorsef by Foly Asiko


Icy said...

hahhahahhahhahahahahh.. na wa. Good viedo quality though', ha ha

hater said...

i enjoyed the show o jare!

make naija produce them own nah!

so-so mouth we get when we no fit do anything!

Anonymous said...

'ta la won....'? e jo

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