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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

National Enquirer's News Headlines

Things fall apart...:-)


Anonymous said...

I don't think she wants to get married anytime soon. She's not serious...

Anonymous said...

Mercy or whatever she calls herself is becoming more foolish everyday of her life. I mean what was that all about ehh? If she does not have any respect for herself can she at least have some respect for her fiancée for goodness sake ehh!!!

For majid or whatever he calls himself if he does not have respect for himself can he at least show some respect for his wife ehh!!!

Anonymous said...

Marifa don born is well. Only in lagos

Unknown said...

Speechless. Some actors need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

one word tufia. Someone would put this thing in the house and call it a wife i say again tufiakwa

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