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Thursday, 18 November 2010

50 year old Man impregnates 14year old daughter.

Kehinde and her baby

I can’t stand the shame, take this baby, girl pleads with Govt

The 14-year -old girl in Lagos, Kehinde, who allegedly had a baby for her father, Yesiru Onojobi, is now in a dilemma over the custody of the baby.

The embattled girl told Daily Sun that she couldn’t stand the shame of making the list of girls who had illicit affairs with their biological fathers which resulted in having abominable children. According to her, because of the stigma and sad memories associated with such baby, she has decided to donate her to the government.

“My father has ruined my life. He has brought shame to me, I feel like dying. I don’t want to set my eyes on him anymore. I can’t look at him in the face. I want the government to come and take this baby now,” she fumed as she wept.

The girl is also concerned about the health condition of her new born baby as some traditionalists in her community ( masquerade) have warned her not to breastfeed the baby, as doing so could result in her death and that of her child. According to her, donating the baby to the government would guarantee her safety. “At least, they will feed her with nutritious food ,” she reasoned.

The Junior Secondary School I(JSS I) student narrated how her amorous father started sleeping with her since December 2009 which resulted in the pregnancy. Ironically, it was the father, who beat her black and blue over four years ago, when another man allegedly deflowered her. The father later converted her to his bedmate. “My father gave me the beating of my life. Less than four years after, the same father forced and had sex with me. He had sex with me each time I finished menstruating. I warned him that it would result to pregnancy, but he didn’t listen to me.”

He warned me not to tell anybody about the pregnancy, but one day, my cousins came, insisting to know the person responsible for the pregnancy. They tied my father’s hands and legs with rope and took me to the backyard and I told them the truth. My father later took me to Safeway Hospital and ran away,” she said. But the 50 years old randy father, who owned up to the crime said he only had sex with his daughter once, adding that he was tempted to do so when she formed the habit of removing her clothes in his presence.

“She did not raise the alarm because it was not her first time of doing it,” he said. He, however, said he did not know what came over him to warrant his having love affairs with his own daughter. Meanwhile, the police have described the action of the suspect as an abomination. The state police Deputy Public Relations Officer, Mr. Samuel Jinadu, who briefed the press on the issue, described it as a clear case of defilement. He advised members of the public not to take the laws into their hands, assuring that the suspect would be arraigned soon.

Source: Matthew Dike - Daily Sun


Surprise said...

The man should be castrated to prevent him from doing such acts in future.

Anonymous said...

i really feel for this innocent baby o!!!!!

Shadenonconform said...


Domkatbali said...

..ejoor..make dem soak de man 4 wet cement..till him dry dere..

dot said...

He should be sentence to death by cutting the material he use to impregnate his daugther

Anonymous said...

What a shame and a pity. But these things do happen and we are hearing more and more stories about these now a days. Shows that we are in the last days.

This man should be put in jail and the key thrown away for life. wicked man

Anonymous said...

Nigerian Journalists - IT WAS NOT a "love affair" this was rape. These people infuriate me!!!!!!!

So wait this girl first had sex at 10??? (The article says her father beat her over 4yrs ago and she's supposed to be 14 now). Wonder if she was raped then too. Lord have mercy.

Anonymous said...

i really wish i can adopt this baby. is that possible? instead of giving the child to the Govt. this is Nigeria govt we talking about o...

Anonymous said...


CC said...

@Anonymous, do not wonder if it is rape when a 10yr old is having sex... it most definitely is rape and pedophilia!

I am disgusted that her name is being used, since she is a victim. I am equally disgusted that there are no social services available to help this girl.

9jaLife said...

Lost her virginity at 10, impregnated by her pops @ 13... What a life... Then on top of that, masquerades are giving her post-natal advice? SMH

Anonymous said...

awww...so sad wish i could adopt the baby:(

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