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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

"Do not vote for a Muslim President" - Pastor Paul Adefarasin

“Do not vote for a Muslim President. Muslims have ruled the country for long. Nigerians used to be the most educated people in the world until the likes of Abacha and the Murtala Muhammed came and scattered our educational system to slow down the South so that the North can catch up, instead of speeding up the North.

We are sick and tired of politicians whose only objective is to fleece our public wealth. We have selfish people, selfish parents and selfish leaders who do everything for themselves and nothing for their children and successors. But, success is not success unless there is a successor. May God deliver Nigeria from ‘eldership’ and from a leadership that is overweight, undiscerning and blind. Do you know why Nigeria’s vast resources have not yet been discovered? It is because if they are discovered now, these useless people in power will squander them. But God is waiting for David to deliver us.” - Senior Pastor of House On The Rock, Paul Adefarasin, said two days ago as he called on Christians in the country to be involved in politics, especially the Presidency.


Domkatbali said...


Anonymous said...

Please help in spreading the gospel.
Well Said Pastor, But we dont have any credible christian candidate at the moment.

GEJ is a member of Brotherhood and Star Sect and not Xtian as you might think. I got a proof and not hear say.

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

i agree.

Agape said...

Was publishing this really necessary? I really do not know what you are hoping to achieve by posting this on your blog.

Surprise said...

Pastor, this kain statement get as e be o. This is not the type of statement that should be emanating from the altar of God. This type of statement is capable of dividing (Naija) Nigeria along religious lines. Me I will cast my vote for a credible candidate wether muslim, christian or free thinker.

Anonymous said...

how will nja progress with ppl lyk dis man??discrimination and biasness based on religion??in twenty-fukin-first century!!smh!he shud know better as a "pastor".nd know dat religion doesnt determine who is the better leader,..,it comes from u as a person!

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

this statement might hurt people and ppl wil talk about division and all that but if u look into the history of politics in Nigeria, it is the absolute truth. it started with the ibos and yoruba's, then the northerners thought they weren't having any say, and all of a sudden they hijacked Nigeria, and they now rule. and muslims cause problems everywhere, i remember when abacha wanted sharia for nigeria...i mean, this statement has nothing to do with hate or division but it is the exact truth and it hurts..yes!

Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, rogues Cecilia Ibru and Erastus Akingbola are christians and very active in church.

...coming from a christian.

Music makes me loose control.... said...

I will defiantly disagree with the statement he is making. You do not judge a religion by its people. Generalising what some of the northern leaders did to Nigeria doesn't really make any sense linking it to religion. Its as good as saying the same for the likes of Obasanjo, which i certainly believe did not do justice at all in portraying his faith.

Its 21st century and i advice and urge people to be open minded, pointing differences whether it be gender, culture or religion only brings about divide and hate. we need to move forward

p.s Pastor Paul Adefarasin don't judge religion by its people, what if your religion was judged by your illiterate(not trying to sound rude)statement.

Anonymous said...

I am christian but this guy needs to shut the eff up and stop promoting religious intolerance

9jaLife said...

Wow... So Naija problem is based on religion? Wow...

Noble E. said...

This is very ignorant and it proves how ignorant some people can become behind the guise of "Christianity". You are telling people to not vote for a "Muslim"? I'm a Christian, and I'm not voting for IBB but that statement is EXTREMELY ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Some pastors use their butts to think..WTH does he mean by this dumb statement?Was former president Obasanjo not christian?Did he have a thousand kids with different women.Are their not christian Governors & Senators?What have they done? I have gone to this man's church and they way he carries himself and the way the church members WORSHIP him is appalling and he dares open his rotten mouth to talk shit!

ibiluv said...

Pastor Paul should know berra than to run his mouth like this....

Anonymous said...

He might not have used the right choice of words but he is speaking the truth.

Apart from the general political problems that every country has, it also comes down to Religion. The Arabs took over Africa. Islam did nothing for Africa except divide the continent more. Sudan and Nigeria(especially what has been going on recently) are examples.

The truth is, hausas own Nigeria. I will not have any problem with another muslim ruling the country, if all muslims did not have subliminal message, which is to convert everyone to Islam and are ready to do anything to get their message across maybe some are more extreme than the others.

Let's stop with all the nonsense with not trying to offend the muslims because they do not care. They go extremes to do whatever and give no damn if they are offending anyone.

Afterall, hausas don't even claim Nigeria like that. They see themselves as Arab first, deep down inside. They are separated from all other ethnic group and these same people ruled, still ruling Nigeria.

My paternal grandmother family side are all hausas. I like them but I totally disagree with their ideologies which goes back to their religion, Islam.

Even though, it doesn't matter anymore who rules Nigeria because all of them are bunch of wicked, greedy, heartless people but if Nigerians have common sense they will want to get away from the same people who has ruled the country for so long, did nothing for the people but ruined it from any potentials because THEY DON'T CARE.

Sugar said...

Pastor Paul is RIGHT... IT IS A MESSAGE He said in his church and not on the TV. Muslims say WORSE THINGS in their various places but just that they are not being posted on blogs and newspapers around. Everyone has a right to protect what he believes in. So all of you that are condemning Pastor Paul should hug a transformer. My Parents are Muslims but I can't be involved in such wickedness as killing at will.

Iemberdoo said...

I refuse to be bothered by Pastor Adefarasin's words,I prefer to believe that he was mis-quoted. What worries me is that supposedly literate young people who are meant to be leaders of tomorrow agree with him. I'm a christian but statements such as these irk me,we've had a number of christian presidents,governors,senators e.t.c what significant contribution have they made to develop Nigeria? Good leadership isn't based on tribal or religious lines abeg! Ha

Anonymous said...

Why are you guys upset, doesnt he have his right of speech anymore? i agree totally with him because its very obvious. can anyone tell me of a perfect muslim leader? and we all say we want change abi

Anonymous said...

As far as I am concerned, Pastor Adefarasin wasn't campaigning for any particular person, so why all the beef.
Besides, how come when comments like this are posted, some pple go crazy? The truth is indeed very bitter and difficult to swallow. Someone commented that he is trying to divide the country, that comment is very wrong because the Christians in Nigeria have been known to be on the receiving end of hostilities and allowing God to fight for them.

We've had muslim presidents and one who became a chameleon as soon as he became the president. How did they better our lot, instead they plot on handing the country over to the middle east and wanting to make us a Sharia state.

May God forgive you all your negative comments concerning an anointed man of God and those who heaped Linda into the insults too, imagine someone saying Pastor Adefarasin thinks with his butt another ignoramus saying he's running his mouth. It shows you're both not Christians, if you were you'll know better than bring a curse upon yourselves.

A Christian is someone who is Christ like in his/her way of life. I advocate for such a person as the president of Nigeria if only he/she is given a chance.

Africhic said...


Could you please let me know why you posted this. I know you do have some bias, but did you think this would help anybody. You did the otherone with the husband issue which you quoted out of context and noone said anything.

i think you should delete this post immediately.

you do act real ignorant sometimes.

Sugarr said...

PLEASE! Their selfishness and illiteracy have absolutely NOTHING to do with them being MUSLIMS. Advice people to vote for an able president, instead of advising them against Muslims. This is how people starts riots and the sorts. How closed minded, for someone in a leadership position. I'm terribly disappointed.

Anonymous said...

please dont start what you cant finish.you are not supposed to be saying this.haba......
stop looking for trouble.

Lollie said...

The last time I check Fashola was Muslim, and Obasanjo was a born again christian. My point is not that Christian are bad, and muslims are good, cause I"m sure I can point out a 1000 horrible muslims out there. What makes Fashola awesome is that he was visionary, that truly loved his state and the future of tomorrow. We need more people like that, be it muslim or christian.
-Yes, I'm christian... I love me some Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Ok I dont normally do this but here I go again:

Well the pastors comments and choice of words mite be a problem, calling out religion, northerners etc as far has I am concerned its all Nigeria whether east,west,north or south.

The moment we start seperating ourselves we will always fall..I am sure some people might say "bruv u dont understand, this hausas are our problems or muslims" that can seem true. However, the problems we face has nothing to do with religion reallyyyyyy, i think "religion" just gives us a platform to blame someone else or act out who we really are sometimes.

I agree that Muslim doctrines also can be a problem but Human to human relationship in Nigeria is just terrible..." she's hausa,I am igbo,I am yoruba etc...nonsense"

What happened to the just do right thing when u get to that leadership position, Is fashola a christian (I dont know) if he is or not my point is doing the right thing is all we all probably want not religious acts and doctrines etc.

Finally, the very core values and mindset of we Nigerians is so DISTORTED that we can not see that it all starts with individuals not a group or someonelse but you and I! I saw a comment of someone who said something about how the "Pastor is being worshipped..." You see thats the core values of Nigerians right there, very distorted, I mean respect for Pastoral office is cool but Nigerians take it too far - that my people is one of our very core problems(the way we see ourselves)..I can go on but lets leave it has this.

Doing the right thing is not TRIBE,RELIGION OR STATUS..thnks for reading, hopefully this makes sense.LOL.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.40am can i say i am officially in love with you....lol... I couldnt have said it any better.

Anonymous said...

People often mistake religion with personality.somebodwy can be a christian by name and not follow God's commands(LIKE THIS PASTOR SAYING WHAT GOD DIDNT SEND HIM).Statement like this is an act of TERRORISM,Imaging if I was a Xtian and my blood brother is a muslim,should he abruptly become my enemy bcos some ppl who claimed to b muslims ve done smthng bad in d past.NO WAY.This Pastors brain needs to be CHECKED.he is another REVEREND KING.He is simply a WOLF in a SHEEP clothing.BEWARE OF HIM

NINA said...


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...let's look at this objectively

Gov. Fashola (muslim) - really trying
Gov. Akala-Alao (muslim) - rogue
Pres. Obasanjo (christian) - rogue
Gen. Abacha (muslim) - rogue
James Ibori (christian) - rogue
Diepreye Alamieyeseigha (christian) - rogue
Gen. Yakubu Gowon (christian) - rogue
Ibrahim Babangida (muslim) - godfather of rogues
Nuhu Ribadu (muslim) - tried
Dora Akunyili (christian) - insufferable
Abubakar Atiku (muslim) - rogue
Ayo Fayose (who knows) - rogue
Cecilia Ibru (christian) - rogue

I could go on...

emarketstrategy said...

i dont care wot you guy's out there fink about this masterpiece said by Pst. paul A. cos its the most outlandish and critical statement any pastor in recent time will dare say... remember martin luther the lutherian and martin luther Jnr. they both said the blatant truth like it was and am sure pple like you callin for his head now existed den to say otherwise... for me this is going on my blog too.
thanx linda for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Linda is actually not telling the truth, that wasn't exactly what he said-I was in that service. I guess you'll put anything on your blog to attract readers...SMH

Anonymous said...

And what if he said all those things? He was only addressing his congregation. U need to stop attacking people the way you do, it won't get you very far. If I may ask, were you in that service? I doubt it though, bcos if u were, u'd have known that that wasn't exactly what he said.

Anonymous said...

so the christians in the governtment dont steal rite? or they dont loot money... was ibori a muslim, was obasanjo a muslim, i dont get...if we keep allowing religion and tribalism divide us and adhere our fair voting, how will we survive... before u kno what is goin on this dude will okotie us by sayin God told him to b a president... look dude...u want nigeria to b united...do not start this stupid talk...
you voting for a president, vote for a good one... end of story.

ribadu is a BETTER THAN MOST politician...aint he a muslim....

and that stupid comment of muslims bring problems everywhere should be banned...its ppl like u that cause fighting...all u do is wait for the first punch and u bring out a gun and call it self defense....


Anonymous said...

You got noticed

Anonymous said...

Maybe we forget so soon, Obasanjo is a christian and for your information, it is not the religion of who is ruling, but the drive to make the country a better place.

And last time I checked, the pastor lived on corrupted money too

Rowland Kelechi Nwogbe said...

God will help usas we have refused to help ourself , even the christian leadership is bias in their speeches!..Freedom of Speech i guess?

Anonymous said...

They don start their wahala,they won cos confusion,what has religion got to do with these,as if the christians have good records with all the fake pastors around pls tell that man to shut up,if he want to contest let him contest and nmot start what he will not be able to finish

Anonymous said...

A corrupt politician is a corrupt politician, it has nothing to do with religion. Isn't OBJ a christian? Peter Odili??? Alamiesegha??? Ibori??? BTW, Nigeria is NOT a christian or muslim country so why is he dictating that we should vote as if it is?

Anonymous said...

Fanaticsm in any religion takes the human race back a million light yeears.

Anonymous said...

Who da hell is pastor paul! The last time I check he was a thief himself...
Linda, who do u worship? The pastor or God!
Besides, wen did u become religious urself! or do u get ur ignorant blogs and gossip from ur church!

Please look for a better days job than this nonsense terrorist statements!

A big fat hiss! Mmmmcheeeeew!

buogu said...

View your opinion on politics and leave religion out. Most past crisis in this nation where based on tribalism and religion differernces. We can really move foward when there is religion tolerance.

Molara Brown said...

Last time I check Fashola is a muslim and he is best public office holder Nigeria has got so far. Cecilia Ibru and Obasanjo are devote Christians and we all know what they are. Pastor Adefarasin should know better to make such statement even if it is just to his congregation.

I am guessing He just wanted some relevance in today's Nigeria outside his church.

Anonymous said...


p.s...am a practical xtain living in the realities of our time!

Anonymous said...

People can hate all day on christianity, it still doesn't take away or change the TRUTH. Actually, it's really nothing new because the TRUTH will always be hated on because we live in a sinful world.

.People can argue their heads off about Islam vs christianity, I personally think it's nothing to compare there because they are total opposite.

FACT: Christianity is still the ONLY religion that offers so much freedom whether people accept it or not.

The people that are so quick to defend Islam/Muslims why don't you go live in all muslim country, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Indonesia, Somalia, and tell me how fun it is to live there.

These same muslims are the same people who believe that it's ok to have laws like sharia law, laws that only protect men but not women. You get your hand cut off, nose cut off, buried alive(somalians), have a car run over your hand because you stole, and you want to tell me I should tolerate things like that and call that peace.

Oh no, there are good muslims who are so peaceful because they pray five times a day. Really? The Quran itself supports war/violence when necessary. Mohammed himself is known to have done some crazy things that has been completely justified. I can go on and on.

FACT: Some of the most wicked rulers in Nigeria have been muslims. True, all the leaders are selfish, wicked but to put Obasanjo in the same category with IBB or Abacha is absolutely stupid. But Yar'adua was muslim and quiet but all the fake humility and quietness, isn't that how they always act while killing you softly.

And now, there's a religion that says if you sin, you can be given a second chance, forgiven, but no people want to turn their deaf ears to it only because they want to be able to live in sin and get away with it.

Hey, we live in a free world, so if you choose to be Hindu, Buddist, Muslim, it's fine with me don't just blame or condemn christianity for the problems you brought on yourself because of your own choice.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, pastor Adefarasin is spewing c r a p.
He campaigned for Tinubu in the past from his pulpit. he did not remember that he was a muslim then?
Not only did he campaign for Tinubu, he castigated Funso William's Catholic faith from his pulpit.
Now he is castigating muslims.
Why not ask your church members to be circumspect and only vote for people who do not dine and sleep with the same barbarians that have ruined and are still ruining this country?
Why not ask your church folks to vote for only men and women who have proven accountable in the past and live within their means?
Why not ask your church folks to vote for only men sand women who can detail their plan to solve the numerous problems that bedevil this country?
Why not ask your church folks to seek candidates who meet these criteria without looking through the prism of religion and ethnicity?

I am a christian brother but men and women like Paul Adefarasin on account of such statements shame the cross of Jesus Christ and make a mockery of the church.

Anonymous said...

I am a born again Christian and from the look of things, i am going to be voting for Buhari.
Pastor Paul, eat your heart out!!!

Anonymous said...

the respect i just have for this man just went away , i mean what has religion got to do with presidency or ruling?isnt Obasanjo xtian?did he deliver?even the so called Jonathan Goodluck dats there now, wat has he done so far dats worth claping for?.........he should better hope and pray this his statement doesnt get out to the Boko Harams and other islamic fanatics if not..........
The last time I checked, rogues Cecilia Ibru and Erastus Akingbola are christians and very active in church.

...coming from a christian.

Heezy said...

This statement is an attempt to disturb the peace of the nation. . . This pastor should be arrested for playing with the national security. . His statement is an attempt to divide the nation. . . We have many xtian in power and they have done the worst in the nation. . .

Anonymous said...

please read
in 2003: Buhari Urges Muslims to Vote Upholders Islam
From Isah Ibrahim Maru in Gusau


As the year 2003 elections draw closer, former Head of State, General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has called on Muslims across the country to vote only for the presidential candidate that would defend and uphold the tenets of Islam.

Buhari who made the call yesterday at the closing ceremony of the 16th National Qur'anic Recitation competition held in Gusau, Zamfara State told Muslims that they have every reason to thank Allah for restoring the Islamic Sharia under the present dispensation, which he said was destroyed by British colonialists during their crusade in 1903 against the Sokoto caliphate.

The former president therefore advised Muslims not to vote for any candidate that would not protect the interest of their religion. "I wish Muslims of Nigeria will cooperate, unite and sustain themselves under one ambrella. Because of what we are facing election, this year and next year, this is the best time to repeat what I said in Sokoto," Buhari stated.

"Since the colonialists over threw our Islamic way of life in 1903 and 1904, our lifestyle was changed, and we forget our religion and our good culture," he maintained.

He explained that this was the only way they could guarantee the spread of Islam which is a religion of peace and harmony.

Apparently referring to the THISDAY (April 2001) report, Buhari said he was quoted to have urged Muslims to vote for a Muslim only; a story which he said attempted to create confusion in the country.

Buhari insisted that what he told his Sokoto audience was that they should not compromise the tenets of their religion in the process of electing leaders.

The former president said that he has no intention of creating any form of confusion in the country, saying that his intention was to alert Muslims to their responsibility to safeguard their faith.

Governor Ahmed Sani, in his address urged Muslim leaders in the country not to mis-use their opportunity in assisting and protecting their religion. He reiterated his administratio's commitment towards promoting and sustaining the Sharia legal system operating in the state.

Sani also insisted on the need to have a leader in this country that would respect the live and religion of every Muslim in the country.

The Governor expressed satisfaction and happiness over the successful hosting of the competition

Anonymous said...

what a mass distortion of history and lack of insight. .a ctually, his church should be renamed to "house on unfertile land"

Anonymous said...

what a mass distortion of history and lack of insight. .a ctually, his church should be renamed to house on unfertile land

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