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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Munachi Abii signs with RMG company

Munachi Abii, former beauty queen (MBGN 2007), signs to The RMG Company as a solo rap artiste. Over the last couple of years 'Muna' has expressed her intention to throw her tiara into the rap game, with appearances and features on songs by other artistes' like Banky W, Ikechukwu (Killz), Jesse Jagz and Waje. Now she has started recording her yet untitled debut album due out early next year and has just recorded a song called Pop Sugar with another RMG artiste Michael Word (the song is produced by Sarz).

Her rap style is so eclectic and 'free range' that many who only see her as a pretty face will be pleasantly surprised (or shocked). Muna (AKA "Baby Rella") will record her album with producers in Nigeria, the UK/Europe, and in the United States where she hopes to pursue her other entertainment interest as well.

You go girl!!!


Anonymous said...

we dey wait oh!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why not Muna, why baby rella? You see, she is a brand already, why not her following through with it. Na so she go again, america go snob am. Anyway, to each their own.

Anonymous said...

i like munachi jo...but if you know her abeg tell her to stick with her name "MUNACHI" ... which one com be baby rella? that's starting from square one and the name no even fine sef

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

I like Munachi (MUNACHI) but Muna is trying to hard, it seems like.
her whole act is "Blah" to me, and her rapping is mediocre.
anyway i DO like her, but that whole rapping act?

Ayo Shonaiya said...

There seem to be a little confusion with Munachi's stage name, so let me clear this up right quick. Munachi Abii shall be known professionally and referred to as "Muna" (or "Munachi" for all you purists out there). "Baby Rella" is a nickname she's had for years and you will hear her refer to herself as such in some of the songs in her forthcoming album.

Ayo Shonaiya
CEO, The RMG Company

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