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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The very angry mistress.

Check out this story.
The married president of the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR company Oracle had a 8 year affair with a woman named YaVaughnie Wilkins. A few weeks ago he ended things with YaVaughnie for good, and she didn't take the break up very well.

So guess what happened next? YaVaughnie took out three one-hundred foot tall billboards - one in NY's Times Square, one in Atlanta, and one in San Francisco - showing her and Charles together.

The pics were meant to embarrass Charles and his wife, who are popular socialites in ALL THREE CITIES!!!

Charles and his wife

I don't understand what she was expecting, dump his wife for her?


Anonymous said...

so sad..maybe it will teach a few men some lessons.STOP KEEPING EXTRAMARITAL AFFAIRS.....especially if you are a public person.

Felix Diamond said...

That is jealousy in display. It doesn't change matter though. She is out and she is out.

Femme Lounge said...

interesting, she seems to be saying if she can't have him, then he won't have his wife too. he should be ready to face the consequences of his actions.

Mrs. Marek said...

Hey, at least she didn't boil his child's bunny rabbit on the stove like that crazy chick in that film with Michael Douglass and Glenn Close LOL. All she caused was a major embarassment unlike some women who have gone as far as to pay hired assassins to off the wife. They had an affair for EIGHT and half years according a statement the man released, it didn't work out and he's divorcing his wife so both women lose out on the man and quite frankly, he ain't no prize so I think they both should move on with their lives and develop healthier relationships with themselves and subsequently another man who will love and respect them. The wife will surely be financially compensated but the mistress, oh well that's what you get for messing with another woman's husband, I feel no an ounce of hurt for her.

Anonymous said...

Biko the woman can go somewhere. I drove past the billboard in Atlanta and was all gushing at the happy black couple expressing their love...till I saw the CNN report. She dated him for 8 yrs and did not know he was married...riiiiight. This is a case of a woman that is not getting what she thought she was going to get. If you go to the website, the pics on there show that she might not be all right in the head (Lord forgive me). If she was really heartbroken, she wouldn't put her half naked pics on there alongside the man's son's pictures.
She was not a young woman when she started dating him and I bet you he let off some signs of not being all the way available. Yea they travelled to foreign places together and he bought her a house (he is a stinking rich mogul, that wont cause a ripple in his finances abeg)

I blame the man for being a dog but I blame her more for being just as stupid, she knew he was married and was just waiting for her turn. She started seeing him in 2001, he only told her he was divorced in 2003. She is just as foul. Ladies, NO MARRIED MAN IS AVAILABLE TILL YOU SEE A SIGNED AND SEALED DIVORCE DOCUMENT. Its the information age, you can double check this stuff online or in the courts, don't sit and let yourself be deceived, he aint leaving her for you....that is all.

Anonymous said...

Yeye woman, instead make e borrow leaf from our nija woman. Chop (meaning build house, buy car, help your family, spend money yanfu yanfu) then when the wife confront you, just clean mouth (which man, I no know ya husband o, na chase e dey chase me, but i no gree am.)


Sasha said...

Mrs Marek, i have read your previous post on Alicia keys and Swizz Beatz and now this. You sure sound like a woman scorned. Well, they say Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned.
I have no regards for mistresses or women who delight in sleeping with other women's hubby but resentment and bitterness ain't gonna solve the problem. You sure come across as vengeful and bitter. Lighten up honey and channel your energy in praying for these sorry mistresses.

YankeeNaija said...

the only thing i'll add is that the mistress is an idiot. not only did she humiliate herself, this guy and his wife, but she wasted about $150,000 to post those pictures on billboards. moron.

Anonymous said...

tssh - good lesson to the cheater.

That woman shouldnt ask for pity sha, there is no way she will say she didnt know! Woman please!!!

Love yourself and move on!

Mrs. Marek said...

Sasha, you are entitled to your own sweet opinion because like noses, we all have them. I started off my response here even cracking a joke about a movie that this could situation could have turned out to resembled but obviously you yourself are not so light in spirit since you didn't recognize it. Honey, I am not scorned in anyway and like everyone I have had my fair share of heart breaks and have moved on to marrying a lovely man who has given me a reason to believe in love again. You shouldn't have time for coming up in here disparaging other people's opinions, shouldn't you be meditating and chanting somewhere for the poor souls of mistresses yourself?

Take a sit, my friend!

Anonymous said...

the lady's are always available to be played in the men's court of love pranks(as ordained that they will always be under a man's grip.check your bible-somewhere in genesis).i think the lesson to be learnt is for the men.
lesson one-u cant eat ur cake and still have it
lesson two-dont play with a woman's heart.u are playing with ur ....

Anonymous said...

I quite enjoyed the billboard and the story that followed, lucky for Charles "cant keep it in the pants" Phillips, his own story ended with major embarrassment that might put a slight damper on his career, at least he didn't end up dead like Steve McNair or in rehab like Tiger Woods.
The rumor is his bosses at Oracle made him put out a statement... NTOOOOOO GI ANUOFIA!

As far as people immediately calling this woman useless, after you hear the full gist of their affair from people on his side & hers, you might not draw the same conclusion. This man "lived" with this woman for most of their 8 yr relationship, even purchased an $11 million dollar mansion with her; he also attended family events (both his and hers) with her and took her to several work functions with her. He led her to believe his divorce was finalized in 2003, so only God knows what he told her prior to that. People, including his friends and some family really thought he had left his wife for this woman. She was wrong in this, don't get me wrong, but the main person to be bashed is this man who felt the need to lead her on to feed his ego.

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