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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Kelly Rowland frisked at airport

Kelly Rowland gets stopped at airport security, they make her take off her boot and frisk her.
See her smiling...such a good sport.


Myne said...

That's the spirit, no need to get all worked up. They're just doing their job.

Anonymous said...

wow i wish i was the gaurd!

DaTruth said...

I hope this is not a great opportunity for some asshole nazis to demonstrate their ignorance?

Anonymous said...

such a good sport ke?is she made of gold?before nko....she gets a pat down like everyone else..why is this making the news sef

Anonymous said...

Kanye would say: " yo officer ima let u finish, but Muttallab is one of the greatest terrorists of all time, of ALL TIME!!

Anonymous said...

Lol @ the Kanye comment...that was really funny

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