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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

She killed a cat and went to prison for two years. You either hate or love America!

18 year old Cheyenne Cherry was sentenced to two years in prison some days ago; for helping roast a kitty in a 500-degree oven. Cherry and a 14-year-old accomplice trashed her former roommate’s apartment on May 6 2009. She stood by as the 14-year-old stuffed a little cat called Tiger Lily into the oven. Cherry, who later pleaded guilty, told cops after the incident that it was “just a joke.”

Cherry got two years, one year for attempted burglary and one year for animal torture – to run concurrently, while her younger accomplice got 18 months in a juvenile facility. Cherry is also barred from owning a pet for three years.

Going to prison for killing a cat? Damn!!!
Like I said, you either hate or love America...I love America!!!

You think her prison sentence is well deserved?


Wale said...

God bless America. if they can kill a cat this early in life what next? she has plenty time to think through her foolishness. if you cant do the time dont do the crime. arrant nonsense. they cant live with animals they cant live with human beings. oloshi alakori

OC said...

re u kiddin,cos of a damm cat...hmm. america as really gone crazy..! people re killed n naija & nothin happens,..i think s high time we ve such laws too.,!

Felix Diamond said...

That's America for you, where animals have more rights than exist for humans in other less civilised nations. Who says America is not great.
The judge should have been more lenient though, considering the ages of the offenders.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I am not animal lover (or hater). I would never donate money to an animal charity as there are too many people starving. I however do not condone what this girl has done. She has committed a depraved act and deserves all she gets and more. It has been widely proven that children/ adults that harm animals will go on to do the same to people. What she has done can not be described as a joke. In my opinion, her prison sentence was well deserved.

The Activist said...

I am not sure if I won't want any kind of punishment melted out on anyone who kills my cats. I love my cats and treat them like I would treat human beings. I believe animals exist like us to be treated with respect and love but sending someone to prison for 2 yrs is pushing it. Well, it is better to be careful when you get to a country that have animal rights or any other kind of rights that might be different from where you are coming from.

Femme Lounge said...

well, i think what they did is really inhumane, snuffing life out of a living thing in that gruesome way just for fun?

Mrs. Marek said...

If she can be so mad at a roommate that she would kill the girl's innocent cat to get a point across then i am thankful the girl didn't have a child because that would have been that poor baby in the oven instead of an animal. She has lost touch with her compassion, empathy and humanity. She apparently has anger issues, I am glad she got sent to jail for two years to send a message across that killing an animal in a fit of rage over some possibly petty matter is not acceptable. She is old enough to know what is right and wrong therefore should be able to handle the consequences of her action. God created us, God created the animals and so they deserve to have their lives preserved too.

Anonymous said...

I am far from an animal lover. I can almost say I hate them (abeg no shots from animal lovers, I have not had one good experience with them) but she needed to be punished, unfortunately the US penal system is a breeding ground for future criminals rather than for rehab. Its microwaving a cat now, tomorrow it could be a baby.

Anonymous said...

I'mabhorred by what she did. Cats are God's creations. How can you just do that as a joke. it disturbs me.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha, we wey dey kill cats 4 naija because we think they represent witches. This means some of us should be senteced to life imprisonment with the number of cats that we've killed.

Anonymous said...

The first question you should ask is was she white or black, she is black and in the America they treat animals better than blacks. If that lady happend to be white she would have been out of jail. Just take mike vicks story he goes to jail for fight a dog, but the manning's brother dad runs a cock fighting ring and they do nothing to him. that is to tell you that one is black and the other is white

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

They should put you in the oven you moron

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