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Saturday, 19 December 2009

Mouth Odour

What's the best way to deal with mouth odour?. If you know, please share with us. A reader of this blog wants to know. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

It might be oral disease and bad breath, medically is called halitosis, can result from poor oral hygiene habits and may be a sign of other health problems. Bad breath can also be made worse by the types of foods you eat and other unhealthy lifestyle habits. this reader just need to visit a dentist for checkup and some treatment. Bad breath is a BIGGGG turn off! Ewwwwww!!!

Dith said...

gargle with hydrogen peroxide! And take laxatives often to get rid of toxins in your body.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

.Always have mint gum/candy and fluids (water,soda etc) handy..brush teeth twice a day,if possible have a carry-on mouthwash available for use after every meal.

Anonymous said...

Brush oyur teeth twice a day and mouth wash as well... Alwyas floss after every meal, drink a lot of water and always use mints.... Lastly pay regular visits to the dentists..

anoda phase said...

hmmm...I feel for you reader...In addition to the previous comments, I would recommend a good toothbrush...try oral B...but more importantly, a very good toothpaste...I recommend Forever Bright Toothgel, a green, mint flavoured toothpaste, that helps maintain fresh breath all day long, whitens ur teeth without containing bleaching agents, and also nourishes and strengthens your teeth and gums, with no added fluoride...available for purchase on'd be glad u tried it out...all the best...

Niques said...

Well, apart from visiting a dentist to rule out any underlying health issues, try chewing fresh parsley, especially after meals.

Anonymous said...

Brush your teeth first thing inthe morning and last before you go to bed at night.
Gargles after each time with a good mouthwash.
Drink lots of water. Learn to floss. Maintain a healthy diet...fruit based.

Anonymous said...

use a good toothbrush and excellent toothpaste, brush twice daily and more as needed , visit your dentist regularly.
try using gum, especially cinnamon flavored gum, cinnamon works great for halitosis! you can use mint too... tic tac, altoids.. breathmints in general, provide temporary help.
make sure to drink a lot of water too, it keeps you refreshed.
don't use alcohol based mouthwashes or rinses too much, they may irritate your gum.

Anonymous said...

1. brush twice daily, morn/nite
2. rinse mouth w/ water after meal and sugary drink like soda/juice
3. floss daily at end of day to remove food between teeth and below gums
4. use an electric toothbrush or manual firm toothbrush.
5. make sure you brush your tongue well and roof of mouth to remove odor causing bacteria


wienna said...

lool...always have trebor or polo mint in your bag or pocket. They're very handy. That's what i do, even though i don't suffer from mouth odour. It keeps my mouth refreshing cos i might find myself in some unusual and/or unexpected places or circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Use Hydrogen peroxide and brush your tongue often.

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