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Friday, 2 October 2009

Libya deports 1, 064 Nigerians.

No fewer than 1,064 Nigerians have been deported by Libyan authorities in the last one month, Immigration sources are reporting.

The Libyan authorities deported 150 Nigerians on September 27, with an aircraft with registration SUBME. Twenty four hours later, the second batch of Nigerian deportees arrived the shores of the country with another 150. While the deportees were still going through immigration processes, the North African country deported another 150, all males. The same aircraft brought the latest deportees.

The following day, September 29, another 150 were deported from the country and only last Tuesday, 134 Nigerians comprising 88 females and 46 males were deported from the country with the same aircraft.

A deportee, who spoke to Daily Champion under condition of anonymity, said the security officials treated them shabbily. "We were beating like animals; treated like outcasts; and condemned to death even before any proper prosecution process could take place. More than 200 of us were packed inside a room like frozen fish," he said.

The deportees who were described as "illegal immigrants" by the Libyan authorities are mainly from Zamwia-Zamzu prison in Tripoli.*
Source: Daily Champion.

A few months ago, that country tried to execute 220 Nigerians who were on death row, before the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights in Banjul, Gambia, ordered the government of Libya to suspend the execution.

The Commission’s order followed a petition filed by the Socio-Economic Rights & Accountability Project (SERAP), through its Solicitor, Mr Femi Falana.*

My question now is: What are Nigerians doing in Libya?


Anonymous said...

It's a transit country

Anonymous said...

where is libya?

TKB's thoughts said...

Its part of the rot in our land, there is a dangerous trend of mass exodus from this nation in recent times. Things seems out of control and it takes more than mere propaganda to save this nation.This type of occurrence will never stop until things start to work in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

From Libya to Italy.

Admin said...

its obvious that lybia is better than nigeria economically and socially,so thats why people are going there to make money for themselves, all our leaders are sick not only one person,they come abroad to see whats happening but they wont do the rightthing,countries that dont have up to half of nigerian resources will be denting our own image.thas crazy

Anonymous said...

No,no,no, there is nothing in Libya. It just a short-cut 2 europe.

Nella said...

No,no,no, there is nothing in Libya. It just a short-cut 2 europe.

truth said...

Yeah at first I was thinking " Libya??? For wetin???" But then I recalled, like someone already stated, it is a popular route for illegally immigrating to Europe. Key word: ILLEGALLY. i guess the freaking legal route remains a plane ticket. Simple and Short. i actually heard/listened/watched/read (not sure that a lot of these illegals die in the desert while enroute....think of the exhaustion in that hot climate. No be say them dey go practice/train for heat tolerance b4 they embark on the journey o. pretty sad. Naija no bad reach that kind desperation. But I guess every man has a different story with the homeland.

Anonymous said...

fuck our leaders for been so corrupt instead of taking care of our people.Fuck our pple for not fighting for their rights!

Anonymous said...

Are Nigerians suffering in their own fatherland? why are many trying ways to go out of their own land?
Why there aren't a fair government, democracy and limited freedom of speech imposed to the citizens of Nigeria?
Nigeria is a very huge country. It has to ruled fairly by the President, followed by a Prime Minister, and accompanied by 3 deputy ministers administering 3 zones eg yoruba,hausa and igbo.

if this country is going to carry on with shabby lifestyle and corrupt politics towards its own citizens..then only God can intervene Nigeria and save them.

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