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Friday, 2 October 2009

Kaduna Security Chief looses 8 kids in accident

Some weeks back, the wife of the Deputy Director in the Kaduna State Security Service (SSS), Alhaji Uwar Awal, gave birth to a new baby in an Abuja hospital. Last week, Alhaji Uwar decided to take his children and other relatives based in Kaduna to go celebrate the birth of the new baby with his wife who was still in Abuja.

On their way to Abuja, driving along Kaduna Abuja Expressway, the car they were driving in, a Peugeot Prestige 406 car, somersaulted while driving on the bridge and fell into a river. The accident was caused by a burst tyre. This was around 6.30 pm.

It was a motorist who witnessed the accident that drew the attention of the Kaduna State Security Service who went to a nearby village where they got fishermen to help remove the car and bodies from the river.

Eight children drowned in the accident.

The only survivor of the accident was the Deputy Director himself who was the one driving and managed to get himself out of the river. He was taken to the Barau Dikko Specialist Hospital where he was treated.

Five of the eight children who died in the accident were the directors own children, aged between 6 and 13 years. Four bodies of the children were recovered from the car which was submerged in water while the remaining bodies are yet to be recovered.

An extremely sad thing to happen to this man and his wife. A terrible thing to happen to these children. May their souls rest in peace. Amen.


Anonymous said...

God forbid!!!jesus

TKB's thoughts said...

This is really sad.I heard this in the morning on Channels,it was really heart wreaking. May God grant the families concerned the fortitude to bear the loss

Anonymous said...

Niger!!!!! Very sad story but what were 8 children doing in one car. Lord have mercy!!!

Anonymous said...

Very sad story...........but let's see here something sounds kind of fishY, with this story how can your wife be in another state having a child and you drove you 8 children to abuja to go see her! my first question is how can a big titled man in 9ja drive, what happen to the driver, because i know he has one? why would he take the 8 children by himself? and how come all his children drowned in the river and nothing happend to him? strange (blastmode)

truth said...

Oh my!!!! Toooo sad, too sad.

Anonymous said...

Really sad, I try to avoid traveling on Nigerian roads for several reasons (bad roads, crazy drivers, really kolo tanker/trailer drivers, armed bandits...)
D last time, I was in Kaduna, I almost drove my hubby up d walls bcos I insisted on waiting until d next day to return to Lagos rather than travel by road to Abuja Airport where we would have d option of several airlines. This was after we missed d one flight available in Kaduna Airport bcos the airline was over-booked, and ppl were using connection to get on d flight(Dat one na issue for another day)!
My heart goes out to the family, in particular, the mother of those kids.

Anonymous said...

it's sad that this happened.My heart goes out to him.

But maybe when our leaders start experiencing some of the mishaps that the common naija man faces everyday because of their negligence and incompetence, they'll start doing the job they were elected for in the first place

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