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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Chidi Mokeme on why he started his Sex Toy business

If you haven't heard this before, then hear it now. Sexy actor, Chidi Mokeme, sells Sex Toys. Sounds delicious huh? This is what he had to say about his new venture.

Chidi Mokeme "When people hear sex toys, because we have preconceived idea of what sex toys are all about, there is a tendendy to immediately put a fence. In the bedroom, there is a campaign for the use of condoms and protected sex. People try not to use it because of all sorts of excuses. Some say they don't get their feelings; it takes away the sensation, and some say it is soft and hard. What sex toys do is to bring together varieties that can help you play safe in the bedroom. It is up to you to select what works for you. Aside that, couples are allowed to enjoy within the confines of their bedroom. Sex toys help you bring creativity into the bedroom. It is actually promoting couples who are legally together, more that ones who are not. So I will advise couples to introduce sex toys into their bedroom to help step up the excitement. Products range from the smallest to whatever. From a simple condom of N50 to toys that go for thousands of naira."

Sex toys huh?. You feeling that?


chayomao said...

this one is news to me oh!
Haa Mr Hunk sells "toys".
That is enuf reason to buy them o jare

Anonymous said...

He just yarned bollocks!!
'Sex toys help to offer protection' I laugh...
Someone just opened a business, and doesn't have the right words to market the business.
Follow follow!

TKB's thoughts said...

Uhm Chidi, how far can you get. Selling sex toys for protection, na you biko

Anonymous said...

He can sell sex one is debating that...after allpple have sex,,we are sexual beings...but his reason....CRAP!!protection my ass

Anonymous said...

So this is what has become of him.......


This is all he can give back?

Ugo Dosh said...

Igbo man! Very soon you would hear of mokeme tube and tire!lol

Anonymous said...

Last time, I saw a pic of him on bella naija, and he was wearing some shorts that looked like it belonged to his lil brother or cousin. I said I will ignore your fashion, just call me. I still haven't received his call, so I guess this is what he's been up to.

Anyways, we already have a lot of sex toy businesses, and selling sex toys for protection, what a way to advertise or sell the product!!! Chidi, please stop, stick to acting, maybe modeling, and if you want to go into business, sex toy sure ain't the right one for you.

BLAST MODE! said...

Good job Chidi about time someone introduces this product to Nigerians (as if una no know dem product before him bring am come). This would help all the women way dey complain about not having an orgasm finally get one.

Honey said...

LOL! Chidi oooo. Protection LOL!!... Anyway, I think the business is going to do well regardless. Naija sef we too dey pretend. We too dey claim holy-holy, yet the things we all do behind closed doors eh...A lot of people will patronize the business but most of them will do it in secret. Just like when condoms hit the market, it took a while before people became comfortable walking into a store to ask for them. When people get over the initial shock of this new development, in no time they will also be walking into a store saying "Come, give me 4 dildos dia."

Anonymous said...

LMAO at Ugo Jar's comment...well it's a good idea to start sex toy or like we call it in US Adult store...but the idea of protection is just lame, toys are used for pleasure and to enhance a better sex life, also to change ur daily sex routine but not for protection dummy!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous what if he sells sex toys..Dont people use them?dont people have 9ja we can like to pretende jare...
Chidi however needs to do his research very sa

Louise Lloyd said...

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