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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Gbenga Obasanjo vs Moji Obasanjo

Let me start by saying RIP to hollywood actor and Brokeback Mountain star, Heath Ledger,who was found dead in his apartment yesterday January 22nd 2008 by his housekeeper.
He was 28 and left behind a daughter, Matilda. They are thinking it's drug overdose...sad way to go.

Also to actor, Brad Renfro who was also found dead in his apartment two weeks ago. He's the child actor in the John Grisham movie 'The Client'. Brad was 25. His death also had to do with drug overdose.

Hollywood and drugs...lethal combination!

Now coming down to Naija and the biggest scandal rocking the scene at the moment. I have been hearing bits and pieces of the story but never really knew what was going on until I read the story in all the leading softsell magazines in Nigeria this week.

Gbenga Obasanjo is accusing his father-in-law of sleeping with his own daughter, his own father of sleeping with his wife and his wife, Moji, of adultery with not only his father but other men.

This is crazy and the story is everywhere...the couple obviously want the world to hear their story so let’s help them spread the word.

According to Encomium magazine of this week, 22nd of January, this is Gbenga Obasanjo’s court papers: Unedited. Signed by Emankhu Addeh and Associates, legal practitioners for the petitioner (Gbenga)
It's a 1-50 page document, but I will only replay some parts of the document I personally find shocking.
Here it is...
Gebnga Obasanjo's unedited court documents...
7. The petitioner avers that he has always met all the needs of the children of the marriage despite always having doubts about their actual paternity.

8. The petitioner avers that the respondent confided in him severally while they were living together that she had been sexually abused and defiled by her father , Otunba Alex Onabanjo on several occasions.

9. The petitioner avers that it was his bid to forcefully put an end to this ignoble acts on the part of his father-in-law, Otunba Alex Onabanjo, that led to the total breakdown of relations between himself and Otunba Onabanjo
10. The petitioner further avers that he knows for a fact that the respondent committed adultery with and had an intimate, sexual relationship with his own father, General Olusegun Obasanjo.
11. The petitioner avers that the respondent also got rewarded for her adulterous acts with several oil contracts with the NNPC from his father, General Obasanjo, amongst which was the NNPC consultancy training in supply chain management awarded to her company Bowen and Brown.
12. The petitioner avers that the lurid sexual relationship of the respondent with her own father, Otunba Onabanjo and his father, General Obasanjo, has brought him great pain and psychological trauma and is the primary reason for the breakdown of his marriage to the respondent.
13. The petitioner also avers that the respondent while married to hi was also committing adultery with one Mr. Olumide Ogunlesi.
15. The petitioner avers that it is now necessary for a court ordered DNA test to be carried out on both himself, Otunba Onabanjo and General Obasanjo by a competent independent medical laboratory chosen by the court, in order to ascertain the actual paternity of the children of the marriage as the continued uncertainty about their actual paternity is making his life a misery.
16. The petitioner avers that the actual father of the children of the marriage will be found amongst himself, Otunba Alex Onabanjo and General Obasanjo.
Gbenga went on and on and on...but let me stop here.

I have read alot of scary things but this is by far the scariest. This accusations are very deep and damaging, but before I ask what you think let me tell you what I think. It's either of two things.
Gbenga is either dellusional or he knows what he's talking about. Is there another catch?
But even if his wife did all those things he claims she did, is it appropriate to tell the whole world about it? How did the gossip mags get hold of their court papers?
What do you guys think?


Davies said...

Ha! the world is surely coming to an end. The rich also cry. I would feel better if Moji, the ex-president, or the lady's dad would come out and say something, deny the allegations. COULD THEY BE TRUE?! And Gbenga did not do well at all! Nobody would support these evil acts, but i'm sure all issues could have been resolved without this show of shame. Gbenga has to be extra careful, if he's falsely accusing these people.

lemonade factory said...

linda,this story hen na so we see am,ho niger celeb couples are now airing their dirty laundries in public oga ho ,wat happened to irreconciliable differences,i guess dat word hasnt been added to their to their dictionary

how yah doing linda?


they are all idiots, plus him plus his in law plus his father plus his wife, i realy dont get why ppl must air their dirty laundry in public, its irritating.

Anonymous said...

Na wa oh... I support your view that he is either totally disillusioned or a man that has been hurt psychologically, mentally and emotionally by those findings and so knows exactly what he is talking about.

With all the money wey full that family, u mean say yawa still dey???

Na wa oh...

Olukunle said...

..for someone to confide in you and you then go ahead to tell it to the world means that you have violated the rule. 'Be thy brother's keeper'.
The only flaw in my own opinion is for him to have revealed what was told him in confidence..
As per the rest of the allegations, if he likes, let him proclaim it to Jupiter...
There's no proper defined way of righting a wrong..what matters is that the wrong is made right..

Anonymous said...

This is an absolute waste of time... its not worth my comment.

Anonymous said...

I think Obasanjo is dellusional and the whole Obasanjo family clan, including Gbenda and their wives and their children and children children for the injustice the Obasanjo family have wrecked on our nation. It is the evil that he inflicted on Nigeria that is befallen his family now and there are many more nemesis to come...because, karma is real!
Obasanjo is the greatest height of corruption against, not only Nigerians but to humanity.
Shame on him and his ugly gene pool family!!!

Anonymous said...

What i do not get is if she has been been SEXUALLY ABUSED by her own father why are they making it out as if she is a slut for Gods Sake this is why i hate being Nigerian. Do we not understand such a thing as CHILD ABUSE, SEXUALU ABUSE which can go on even until Adulthood.. as for Gbenga if yor wife confided in you about being abused by her biological father, 1 why would you make it public and tell the whole of Nigeria and 2. is it not your duty as a husband to help her heal??? i am sooo sick of our insesative fucked up culture Nigerians can be trully fucked up.

Anonymous said...

Considering the fact that these accusations are true, do you see Obasanjo; who can now be deemed as a sexual predator, be advocating for the rights and priviledges of women and children and enacting laws to protect the weak in our society.
Anywayz, he never did that while he was president, but rather was screwing his son's wife! (arrgh..disgusting!)
Obasanjo is no different than Idi Amin and the other bestial presidents we have'd in Africa. This man is an animal and he needs to be put in jail and the keys thrown away into the Lagos lagoon for EVER.
Never to be seen or heard of again!!!

Anonymous said...

"let me tell you what I think. It's either of two things.
Gbenga is either dellusional or he knows what he's talking about"

thanks Linda Einstein for really narrowing down the options. great analytical minds like you are very rare in Nigeria these days

Linda Ikeji said...

I want to say a very big sorry to everyone who dropped a comment yesterday. I mistakenly deleted all ur comments. I was trying to reject just one comment and later found out I rejected all ur comments. I'm so sad! 21 comments! Pls pls pls, all those who dropped comments yesterday, if u can pls send it again...otherwise im sorry...don't know what I was thinking...I reall need to get...wink! Sorry u guys.

Anonymous said...

Linda Hi. I can't really say much on this topic. First of all, i prefer the way you that you handled telling the story; on your blog, it sounds more mature although it is reality. (Though it has been reported in the soft sell magazines.)

Secondly, i think it is the hand of God in that Gbenga and Moji's story as our God is not sleeping. You know... regarding what Nigeria has been going through in the hands of it's leaders.

I may sound a bit harsh and i think it is just the will of God.

Trust me!

Anonymous said...

Too much anger + money = Bad combination

In a divorce proceeding, everyone suffers a lot, There are some things money can not buy, a broken heart is one of them.

It is terribly sad for all the partries involved. Wish they had more love and forgiveness in their families which is Priceless.

Anonymous said...

You people are just crying over spilt milk. This story has an element of truth in it. Why havent the Big Men (OBJ & Alex O) come out to deny these allegations. In any event, it was not meant to reach the public. This divorce proceedings have been going on since 2005 but it was leaked to the public now.

@ Angry Nigerian woman - who is making it out as if the lady is a slut? Did you not read the part in the petition that after confiding in him, the Man attempted to put a stop to this and this has led to break down of relations with his father in law.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that a sworn affidavit in a court of law has been leaked to the press. Quite a few people have blogged about this & I would naturally ignore the comments but some have gotten to me personally.

I am not against free speech but sometimes I wish bloggers like you Linda really think hard before u blog about certain things particularly as they dont concern you. It might be good for gossip but some lives are really adversely affected by these things.

If people hate OBJ, they are entitled to their views. Dont bring the sins of the father on the kids as we dont choose our parents. Some of us are innocent parties in all of this & have lived our lives privately 4 years but we are called "idiots" and "ugly gene pool" for acts we had no hand or say in.

Anonymous said...

There's no evidence of illegal drugs in Heath Ledger's death so far, abeg.

As far as Moji and Gbenga, I find it interesting that nobody is posting any of Moji's demands which are also fairly public as well. It's easy to call Gbenga a wicked monster, when you're only posting one side of the story. While it is despicable for him to make anything public about his estranged wife's alleged incestuous sexual abuse; I don't find anything necessarily wrong with the rest of the allegations.

Anonymous said...

@Angry Nigerian Woman. yes we do know what sexually abuse is but it's like some of u guys are not reading the allegations. There are many but u have to pick em apart.For christ sakes there are other men involved not just her dad. if her father was the only man then it's a clear cut case of being abused. But where she got a contract for opening her legs is that not being a slut? Worst of all with ur husband's father? (only now we dont know if it was before or after she got married to her husband but even with that)This story is sickening but this goes to show what goes on in the lives of these rich and famous people tend to envy. Again it is Karma coming right back at the obasanjo family cos trust ther's no smoke with out fire. There has to be some element of truth.and in this case, a grain of salt or one a tiny as a molecule/atom is all we need.
Yes she did confide in him but where she is sleeping with other men then i dont think she should be excused. Shld he have put other there? maybe maybe not but this is how God works when he is trying to deal with a person.

Anonymous said...

Linda, apologies are not accepted. You did that on purpose......How cud u delete 21 comments?...We took our time to comment on this issue and you deleted it?....I don't believe that. You need to be more careful next time. I just commented on how impressed i am about your blog and the fact that you use your real name unlike some scally wags that use pseudonyms because they are too fake to reveal their identities.....and now you had to delete my comment. You hurt my feelings for real.

Anonymous said...

Gbenga should have placed 'magun' on his wife and caught his father, Obasanjo on top of his wife red handed. By now, we would have had the evidence we need; instead of going to the courts, because OBJ would have been a dead meat...saving Nigeria 8yrs of his horrendous rull!

Linda Ikeji said...

@sasha, how would deliberately delete 21 comments? I was trying to reject 1 but mistakenly rejected 20 and left the particular one I wanted to delete behind. They were all nice comments, it was a's painful for me to loose so many comments, my apologies once again.
@Shola, im doing great are u?

Juliana said...

Gbenga is as vindictive as his father so Obasanjo is having a taste of his own medicine.
This does not mean Gbenga is right in his actions. What if the DNA test proves his the father of those what will he do to undo the damage? He is sowing a seed that his children will do this to him in future just like his father his reaping whatever he sowed as a youngman. This is a circle of family curse going round and roun and until someone in the family breaks it, it will continue like this.
A friend told me today that Gbenga is a bitter man bcos his father did all to frustrate him despite his efforts to prove to him he was a good son. The Bible is very clear on this, Gbenga will surely pay for this action.

Teni A. said...

@ An-Obasanjo (commented @ 1.23am)
Why are you blaming Linda for blogging about the Obansanjo Saga when it's already been published in a national softsell.......What diff does it make???.....The whole world knows about it already..........So redirect your criticism.....

Anonymous said...

moji oh moji big belle, moji wanted 2 get contract big belle, moji probably slept with her father in law big belle lol.
at last God is catching up with the thieves. Linda i am a woman and i dnt like how this story has been reported making Gbenga look like an evil man.have u read about Mojis demands for money. infact that makes mr believe she is d kind that would do anything for money.
wat is really our own in this matter, my own is that EFCC OR ICPC should prosecute all of them BARAWOs.
d pple i pity are their kids who will be scarred for life aside that all d adults are shameless.
at least we wont c objs ugly face for a while in public.

Anonymous said...

yes pple dont choose their parents but na so life be. if u really are an obasanjo u did not choose ur parents but these kids can choose not to chop our countrys money but do they do so ,NO. Therefore they should be ready to get d disgrace that comes along.

Dojaa said...

So this story has been going around as I have said a lot of times who cares who is doing who? Sh^&%#*t happens. Why doesnt anyone ask if OBJ actually gave out contracts to his son's wife and how many more family members got contracts!

Anonymous said...

@Linda....It's all good. You have been forgiven. More grease to your elbow. Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading your blog every morning when i get in seeing as am 7 hours behind the folks in naija. As you can see, i love naija news.

@Obasanjo 7.23am....I've got to say this....Karma is a bitch. Sorry you are caught in this shit....Life is like that. Linda has every right to blog about whomever or whatever you cares to blog about and in case you forgot, u ventured into her blog and not the other way round. Stay out and u won't get hurt.

Anonymous said...

Ordinarily I would never do anything like this, but while i was reading the opinions left by people on this blog, I felt compelled to say something. I think it is in extremely bad taste for ANYONE to think that the lack of a response to Gbenga's accusations is a sign of guilt. The fact that someone would say that, leads me to believe that the people leaving these comments know nothing about the loving and dignified famiily Moji comes from! Not to mention what an amazing mother she is to her 2 beautiful children, who are old enough to know and be affected by the ridiculous things being said about their mother and grandfathers! Anyone that is involved in sensationalizing this story including the children's father ought to be highly ashamed of themselves for not thinking about how this whole thing would affect them! People need to sit and think very carefully before posting or saying random ridiculousness on any blog especially when they are ignorant as to the actual facts of the matter.we are talking about people's LIFES, their FAMILIES and their CHILDREN not characters out of a book. PEOPLE need to learn to take some kind of responsibility for the trash that seeps through our society and learn to look out for each other more. The free will to do or write as we please does not mean that we should loose our sense of common humanity and start to encourage random filth! This should not have been given one extra minute past the 15 mins Gbenga was in need of!!!

Anonymous said...

He probably made it public to avoid paying her alimony.simple! I'm sure both parties already knew the marriage was heading for doom, and so he decided to play a fast one to secure his assets...thats the only sensible excuse, or else, y make such a caricature of urself like this? find it very low that he had to mention her abuse in the hands of her father in such a manner...esp. when she confided in him, and she was probably forced into it...and how can he then ask for a paternity test from the same man that abused her as a child? God, she was abused by her own sick-minded could he think she's still having n e (consensual) sexual relationship with him at this stage and age. And y isnt he also asking for a paternity test on the aforementioned man he claimed his wife was cheating on him with?
N e whoz, i hope his own record of faithfulness is very squeaky-clean bcos pple will squeal for cash.


Anonymous said...

I agree with AN OBASANJO@7.23am. People tend to forget about children when they write in the press, blogs or in general.

There are some despicable things being said about the ex-president, Gbenga, Moji and Alex Onabanjo. All of their images are being ruined.

I would say that most of it is very irresponsible journalism and sometimes ignorance by bloggers. All in the name of 'freedom of speech.

There are children and siblings in all corners of this nasty situation being played in the public.

Let's be careful. Only God and the parties involved in this mess know the truth. The dignified silence of them all is an indication that this may just be another stupid and selfish divorce situation.

I am also very ashamed at how the alleged sexual abuse situation is being treated. It's sad. Some people are even blaming Moji for it. Ignorance is bliss.

Linda, i don't blame you for posting it on your blog though 'cos you remained impartial.

Chioma, Hertfordshire.

Anonymous said...

Im not in the habit of leaving comments but I felt compelled. This post is in response to the comment made by '36 inches of br..." 12:04pm

Its pretty clear youre an idiot yourself.Does that sting a little? Any educated person knows that its ignorance - or pure spite- which drives people to be rude and insulting about those they dont even know. As your nasty comment on this blog shows, you dont know mojisola or her family. That you would choose to comment on a situation you dont know much about is one thing; that you might attempt to be constructive is another. But to call them all 'Idiots' shows you for the nasty spiteful - and not very intelligent- little person you must be. These are peoples lives you are talking about, children included, so show a little respect or shut up. You should hope and pray theres never a time in your life you are embarassed or your name dragged through the mud.

Anonymous said...

Chei see how all d pple who have helped Moji chop Nigerias money are coming to her defence.
Everyone is talking about d sexual abuse. What of d allegation that she slept with obj snr and another guy called Mr Olumesi or sumtin like that.
i am sure all thses peeps coming to Mojis defence are so called Big Girls who do d same things and so dont feel this should be an issue.
abeg all i want is that they should be investigated, afterall u cant tell me our countrys monies are not involved.
Look at her foolish mouth like 50million naira for a house, $400,00 for school in Switzerland. Switzerland ko,onigbonbon ni. she wants her kids to go 2 high school abroad, can u imagine d insult. awon ole. Big thieves all of d obasanjo,plus d onabanjos plus all d supporters who ate our money.
This is just d beginnig for all of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering why all these anonymous animals are begining to advocate that "family lives are being ruined" due to commments left on this post. GIMME A BREAK! If you ass-lickers couldn't reach out to the Obasanjo's and the Moji families involved in this mess not to air the stinking ass in public, why blame anyone. The jury is already out on these fools, and you're getting your judgement!!!
Now you all need to SHUT DA FUCK UP!

Aspiring nigerian woman said...

This message is for “an Obasanjo”.

I don't think anyone is asking you to choose your parents or even questioning if you the children are innocent in all of this. Unfortunately, you are all Obasanjo's kids and Obasanjo is an ex-president, it comes with alot of responsibility and a price is always paid. The issue is already in the press, should we shut our eyes to it, 'cos it is not the "children's fault?". We exist in a free state and the voice of the people, together with the press are mechanisms in place that shapens and governs public positions and its occupants.

Look at the rest of the world? Tony Blair was questioned by all when his wife bought a house for the son, through a fraudster, In the U.S there were pictures of Bush's daughters’ coming out of night clubs drunk. That is the way it is.

My people say “ to whom much is given, much is expected”…

I feel your pain anyway, but don't shoot the "messenger"... blogers and the press.

Tolantino said...


Na wah o.. my eyes don read something. But to be quite honest... If all these things are true it means that we have some freaky freaky people holding really high positions in Naija. It makes me to wonder how we can progress with these type of abnormal behavior in full exhibition ( that is if all these allegations are true)

Once again.. na wah o... May the good lord deliver us

Anonymous said...

I'm echoing 36, plus obasanjo, plus gbenga, plus moji, all of them no well. @ disgusted how much of the contracts did you get? you people were busy spending Nigerians' money while some people cannot afford to eat. Sorry dearies but the evil that men do live after them, and not just them, their children and their children's children. If a father has a good name, the children enjoy goodwill wherever they go, so if he has a bad one, there are also consequences. I hope EFCC probes them and strips them of all the stolen wealth. Awon tifs.

Anonymous said...

To all the people who automatically assume that the allegations are true, that all the parties are guilty because they haven't spoken about it, that Moji and all Obasanjos deserve having their names dragged through the mud, that this is what 'rich people deserve', that Moji is a slut for 'sleeping with her father', or that being abused would make her open to sleeping with everyone and anyone, I just had to say, you are all irreparably BUSH! And for that reason, you will continue to live in the slums of Nigeria for the rest of your lives, until you learn not to automatically judge people out of spite and jealousy.

Having said that, I believe Linda's post was a frank and unbiased rendition of what is all over the Nigerian press today, and have no ill feeling towards her.

Anonymous said...

From obasanjo to gbenga to alex and moji including yeye ,you are all stupid and fools, moji i dont blame u, u are a spoilt child so you can never last how much did you earn when u worked at Gulf bank you were too lazy to even work you got the job thru your father. U people u ruined Nigeria, Nigerians work their ass off all over the world to save themselves from poverty. well all of u will never know peace .and you Gbenga , that money is too much for you so this is just the begining of your troubles. and you will never know peace in jesus name

Anonymous said...

Otunba u fit do am because you too get juju

Anonymous said...

OLUMIDE DID NOT SLEEP WITH HER! GOSH! And who says the couple wants their gist spread? Divorce documents are public records by law, that doesn't mean they want all of us in their buiness.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous at 3:35pm

Whatever you send out to the universe will no doubt come back to you. I hope you are ready, in response to the hatred you are spewing.

Anyway, I did read somewhere that people who don't have proper nutrition as babies never fully develop their brains, which means that as adult, even though they might seem clever enough to hover over a computer keyboard, they still end up spouting the kind of crap you just did.

I guess this is what you are exhibiting.

Anonymous said...

this is crazy !!! i just feel sorry for all parties involved. theres no need for all this filth to be made public knowledge..

Anonymous said...

Guys, dont get carried away by this props. been in this before so i know what i'm saying.

The lawyers have to make a basis for the divorce, else the court will not grant it. All these allegations were coined up as the basis for the divorce. Everyone knows they cannot be proven but the lawyers would have made their point which is that it has caused their client a lot of misery and that she has behaved in a manner that blah blah blah. I think it is sub section 50 and 51 of whatever document (beleive me when i say i've gone through same).

Anyways, so that is what this is all about. Bottom line is probably that she had an affair with Olumide but all this talk has been brought up to butress his case for divorce. Remember he has to convince the court that he cannot be expected to continue to live with her, befroe they will grant a divorce.

I will say his lawyers have done a good job.

KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

Jays said...

What scares me the most is the fact that some of these so called rich and powerful are fetish, they seek devil to attain their positions in life, OBJ is ROF member, I don't know about Alex O' but it is not impossible, I hope Moji is not being used to rise in cadre of the Men in black, have you guys thought of that? Moji is definitely a victim of parental abuse (both paternal and marital patrial), a victim of spouse betrayal and a victim of a woman that will have to face her children to explain hows? ifs, Ys and Whens what happened if the story is true. Obasanjo is a public figure not a private person regardless how many times he chose to retire form governance so it is fair to talk and judge him however Gbenga is a man-minus (M x - = -M) no matter how hard a woman hits you, a real man takes it and walk, women are well known for their aggression, bitter fight, hitted argument and petty demands, Men on the other side are supposed to take all these and calm them down, a hubby protects the family not expose them, Gbenga is to his mother what his children is to his estranged wife, we all remember when Gbenga's mum walked out of dodan barrack half dressed cursing baba Iyabo when he was the head of Millitary juntal.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a rat's behind about the personal lives of the Uncle OBJ, son, Daughter-in-law and her dad. This is just the latest bit of dirty laundry to the delight of foreigners who already expect nothing good of Nigeria or Nigerians. We should focus on better things than who bedded who. By the way if guilty, Moji aint the only high class married woman bedding other men for the benefit of herself. The fraudulent elite Obasanjos, Abachas, Babangidas show the world and shove it in the face of the less fortunate Nigerians their lavish sham shindigs they call weddings all paid for by proceeds of fraud. They party and hope the union will last well not if ther is GOD. The socialites(whores and pimps), politians who attend their shambolic parties etc and the likes(yes, they know yourselves) who plundered Nigeria's funds amongst themselves too all shall know no peace. Amen. All their fraudulent deals will be exposed. My prayers are in that order. I'm ashamed to identify myself as Nigerian.
These people have the audacity to try and eliminate corruption at lower levels when even these women(even married) in the highest places need to part your thighs to get contracts and various desires (believe me I know a few)etc. Nigeria has to invest in itself not wait for/invite foreigners (who are in to collude with our political elite to defraud nigeria resources, the genuine ones are wary of nigerians anyway) provide better healthcare, become industrialised, provide employment opportunities for graduates, apprentiships, encouraging pride in hardwork and rewarding it. First get rid these selfish elite & their kind who benefit only friends and family to "eat" what belongs to everyone. Sort out electricity until then we stop deluding ourselves that we are the giants of Africa surely those who say so are not very well travelled or misleading others.
God surely will see to it on behalf of millions of nigerians who are trying to earn an honest living and suffering due the abominable acts of these elite.
No way! My prayers will not be in vain.

Anonymous said...

obviously satan does not give anything for free.

Mad passion cannot drive OBJ to this level; it must be at the request of the cult

Anonymous said...

Why does everybody seem to belive this story? Men can be callous
It may all be fabricated...or not. Who really knows what went down?

Now if the lady in question was abused by her very father and happened to confide in her husband,it is ingenious and hard-hearted of him to use it against her when they hit the rocks.
If it is at all true, what does he hope to gain from making it public at this time, (since he claims to have known about this for quite a while)?
If she was abused it might explain her supposedly abberant attitude towards sex.
Gbenga should have thought of his children and the implications this will have as they grow up surrounded with such rubbish.The fact that questions their paternity makes it measurably worse especially if even one of those kids turn out to be his.
Surely, he could have handled this better!

wine said...


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