Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Black man vs the White man

No one should take this personal o...let's just be objective

Here's the question...

Is the black man genetically inferior to the white man? Are we less intelligent?

I heard an argument yesterday that blew me I'm bringing the discussion here.

At least we don't go around killing people for dumb is that?

What do do you guys think?


idpumping said...

linda guess what you are beginning to get boring you need to spice things up a bit otherwise you might loose you viewers

idpumping said...

Guess what linda you are beginning to get boring .You need to spice things up a bit otherwise you might loose your viewers.Many thanks

Anonymous said...

White men sometimes think differently than black men, which works for them. It does not have anything to do with whether they are more or less intelligent than black men. Vice versa.

I hope my answers somewhat answer the question. Thanks.

Girlie said...

In as much as i want to reply to this, err, i simply have no comment, due to the fact that this topic has been dragged on for too long, in my immediate surrounding.

Oh well Linda....its a NO comment from me o!!!


Juliana said...

Hi Lind, any black man that feels he's inferior to the white man that his own problem. There is enough prove to show that the blacks are not just intelligent but have scored first in many areas both science, ICT and arts. So no matter the arguement I am definately not inferior and i am proud of my skin colour

temi said...

i'm d first person to post a comment?? dats a first....
but dis topic is a dicey one oo
cos beleive me as much as i'm black and proud and i beleive in the equality of all men irrespective of colour, it pains me to say we sometimes act inferior...

for instance why is naija still rated a 3rd world country after so many years after independence inspite of all our natural resources? its crazy..

why is kenya on fire? why are black leaders sooo greedy?

i know that even the white pple have had their rough patches AND THEY ARE DEFINITELY MORE PSYCHOTIC, NEUROTIC....u name it but they've made progress as a race


meanwhile, thanks for listing my blog..but it'd be nice if u visit and post a comment!!!ok?

temi said...

Am i really the first to post a comment?? now..dats a first!
but linda, dis topic is a dicey one o...because as much as i'm "black and proud"and an ardent beleiver inthe equality of man irrespective of colour, i think that sometimes we black people act inferior.

Why is naija still rated a 3rd world country inspite of our abundant natural resources especially after soo many years of independence?

Why is Kenya on fire right now?
Why are black leaders soo greedy?

tho there is no denying that even caucasians have had their rough patches, they have made a lot of progress as a race and a people. why cant we do the same?why do we have to go abroad for d golden fleece? cant we make some here?

dat said, WE ARE DEFINITELY NOT GENETICALLY INFERIOR TO WHITE PPLE(at least we dont have the level of psychosis, neurosis ...(in short kolo mental)and what have u that is commonplace in their society....

and linda, thanks for listing my'd be nice tho if u drop by and make some comments.......

Cynthia said...

God who is the creator of us all and who made each and every man like his image then who can stand and say that one race is better than the other?
How do they define intelligence?
If you are bright in school, they call you intelligent.
If you are socially aware and street wise, they call you intelligent.
Why do we always have to judge one another?
To me, I see all these labelling as a way of puting someone down. A way of making them feel inferior and useless but I say stand up tall, think positive and know your direction in life and when you get a stupid and negative comment, just brush your shoulders and keep going.

check out my

Anonymous said...

This argument is flawed, you can only compare things when the external stimuli they are both exposed to are the same. You cannot put black people through slavery, starve them of access to capital (needed for research)for centuries and then want to compare achievements of both races over the same period.

MY CONCLUSION, though baseless for now, IS THAT WE ARE ALL EQUALLY INTELLIGENT, provided we have the same motivation and equal access to necessary requirements.

We have to start believing in ourselves and stop measuring by other peoples yardstick.

I must confess though that when you look at recent events in Africa, you would not want to rebuff the argument that we have an IQ problem. Why do we persistently only have leaders who are only ever interested in their own personal aggrandizement rather than providing selfless service which is what raw Africa needs.

Flo said...


Kindly check on these sites,

Now you see the essence of being properly educated with our own history and not to wait for the Europeans to educated (brainwash) us,cos of our lack of self love.

If only our love for self and kind increases in every way, then we will progress.

As for intelligence, blacks are very intelligent, but are not given the chance especially when you are London, we are classed as ethnic minors.

Please check those sites

With regards.

Fausset said...

i do not think its a matter of white men being inferior to in a black school and this is an issue that is constantly raised and is seriously taking...i just think back in the days the white men poisoned the minds of blacks, emotionally and mentally that they are inferior even though blacks where much stronger physically... this still goes on but on a lower scale. i think things are changing, black people own businesses, campaigning for presidency, i think its just in a matter of time..this is also a similar argument as to who is inferior, men versus women. People wud obviously say women. This is because men are heads of households, provides the food for the family, and are in higher positions in corporate world and government, its all in the mind, its perception.

Benin Libran..Uncut said...

Quote: At least we don't go around killing people for dumb is that?

Question: I didnt get dumb is that argument or how dumb is the act? Cos, even ur fellow nigerians go around killing ppl for nothing

Anyway, i dont think one is genetically more intelligent than the other. Its what one does with the intelligence they have that matters and elevates them. The black man sadly, has used his intelligence to destroy his people. the white man has done the opposite.

thats the bottomline.

Oh! and anutha thing. the black man needs to be more exposed & open to learning new things...not just by looking in books, but by observing and questioning things. Thinking for ourselves. The average black man is intellectually lazy. He wud do anything you ask of him without asking the most vital question: WHY??

@ Temi; please lets have factual debate. what do u mean by we dont have the level of psychosis, neurosis etc as they do? how do you know that?is it because when ppl are like that in nig especially they look for a spiritual explanation for their condition rather than turning to science? or you have actual statistics to prove it?

@idpumping: u may now begin clapping for urself. its bcos of silly comments like urs that some ppl dont even ask the question anymore and just conclude that black ppl are indeed stupid! lololll!

Linda's pal said...

@ idpumping: You are very very ungrateful. People like yourself only hang out with people when things are good and when they turn sour, you take your leave!
Linda has worked her arse off bringing us entertainment stories constantly which you have also enjoyed.
From her posts, you can tell that she isn't feeling very happy at present cos of her friend that is ill. She is going through all this, yet still manages to stay in touch.
How many bloggers update as frequently as she does?! There are blogs that haven't been updated since summer because the bloggers have been too busy with other stuff in their lives.
Bear in mind also that Linda isn't being paid to blog, so if she loses "viewers" like yourself it won't hurt a hair off her head. She is very hardworking, so please appreciate that. She is doing her best. Sometimes people need breaks so chill out okay? It's only a blog. If you're so hungry for more entertainment news, then go and join forums. Haba!!!

shola pacheco said...

anyways whether white or black everyones unique in their own special way.for me living outside niger has made me appreciate being who i am i wont trade my black skin for anyother.

nb.linda ikeji's blog belongs to her if anyone aint pleased with her jist get ur own newspaper or magazine.some of us dont blog regularly but she does and we appreciate it.

abeg linda no mind them jare

Oyin said...

I'll recommend the book 'what's wrong with being black?' by Matthew Ashimolowo for this topic.

The black man is not inferior to the white man.... but blacks are more inferior minded.... greed, disunity, jealousy, hate... you name it, where you find a majority of black people, things seem to be in anarchy, but it's the other way round with whites... they are more unified and stand for themselves before anyone...

Take a look at Africa.. the most developed place is South Africa and most of the things were put in place by the white man.

Yeah white men go around killing, but so do blacks... have u forgotton blood rituals... which do u think is worse???

I know many people who are making something good out of their lives but refuse to say for example,go to their village, because they'll either have an accident on thier way back or things start going wrong strangely? Blacks are never happy for one's progress... it's not just africans oh... pls read that book... it all boils down to the gods our forefathers served that still hovers around the black race...

Let's not deceive ourselves... white men dont even hold such conversations or ask such quesions??? Dont you think it is part of the inferior mind that bugs the black man that keeps him asking that question over and over again???

Life is too short jare, be what u wanna be and do good to others and be happy for oneanother...

Anonymous said...

Hi linda,this is my first time posting a comment on ur blog . and i must say that i really enjoy ur topics..i simply think ur unique.and abt the black man white man stuff,i just want to say its all in the mind ...

james kwasi said...

linda u r indeed unique and hardworking! continue dis wonderful work of urs. ur blog inspires me lotsa. well d white/black stuff is a matter of d mind. one creator created us all. we are all from one source. if we say d whites are superior, we render ourselves inferior. it's a matter of our mind set. for me am proud of who i am and i know i am very, very intelligent but come to think of it if we say d white man enslaved our forefathers, lets not forget that our forefathers caused it by exchanging themselves for mirrors, horses and some petty things. life is beautiful and so is d human race. u are unique, am unique. we all are blessed whether white, black, brown, yellow, red, green, blue, purple. it's not d color its who u are INSIDE. CHECK UR INNER MAN DEAR. love u all byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Anonymous said...

Just want to comment on this statement from James Kwasi:"for me am proud of who i am and i know i am very, very intelligent but come to think of it if we say d white man enslaved our forefathers, lets not forget that our forefathers caused it by exchanging themselves for mirrors, horses and some petty things "

This is the problem with Black people in general, always trying to simplify issues to the point of idiocy. The slave trade was not between blacks and whites as is being portrayed in that statement, we (as "black" people) were not one homogeneous entity at all. Different tribes competed for resources with each other and sold members of weaker tribes to "white" people in exchange for goods that were not available in their locality.

Slavery was accepted in many places around the world at the time we "blacks" sold our "brothers" to the "white man", the English used slavery against Catholics after the conquest of Ireland in the 16th century. The Catholic Irish were exported to the West Indies and America to serve as slaves just like black people. Check your history people!! Start with Wikipedia since we are on the internet. Better still, use a library!

This is not to say slavery is acceptable in any way, shape or form. What is unacceptable is to blame slavery for the stupidity and short-sightedness of the leaders of countries in Africa. By leaders I mean the elite of the countries, not just those elected into political office.

Black people have the same intelligence and emotional failings like any other race in the world. We have child molesters, date-rapists and outright rapists(ask any female in Nigeria, she'll tell you about it!), ritual killers (called psychopaths or "Hannibal-Lecter-like" people in the western world), wife-beaters, drunkards, gossips and backstabbers, the lazy people who will rather spend seven days on their knees asking God for favours or drink their life away at some bar rather than do an hour of honest work (check out the abuse Welfare system in America and the Social security system in Europe, these are done mostly by WHITE people contrary to conventional wisdom!). These things and people are present in every culture and race and have been there since the dawn of man.

For the christian (churchous) ones among us, the old testament is a chilling documentary of the trials and tribulations (including slavery) visited on the Israelites, yet if you go to the Nobel Prize website, they as a race are among those with the most winners of the Nobel prize. This is not to forget that the Israelites also slaughtered and enslaved other people as well.

Our present leaders (the elite of the black race) are simply too mediocre to meet the challenge of developing a continent or a country. A village maybe, a country, HELL NO!!!

We do not have the people required, in the numbers required, to do this and I disagree with anyone that says we do for this simple reason: If we had them, we would not be where we are. To buttress this point I will add that it is also said that "if you say you can do something but you don't want to, it is the same thing as saying you can't do it!"

The presently vilified former president Obasanjo put together an economic team that paid off our debts and put over $40 BILLION in our foreign reserve within 2-3 years of being in office. They also cleaned up the banking sector (where any body and their househelp could own a two-room shack and call it a bank). As a result, Nigeria is now considered a good place to invest by other people in the world. Everyone forgets the NUMEROUS "laws" passed by the a**holes in the National Assembly trying to stop the consolidation in the banking sector to save the necks of their equally useless friends and relations.

Doing the right thing in Nigeria or anywhere in Africa or for that matter, wherever there are black people is possible and there are examples such as that of the economic team of success. There will be people who will act as stumbling blocks to progress and general nuisances, this happens everywhere in the world! The problem is that these success stories are too few amid the myriad tales of failure by incompetent leaders!

It is said "One tree does not make a forest".It is simply not enough to have one bright student coming first in an Ivy-league college in America or a Nelson Mandela who stands as a beacon of moral rectitude for the world, you need a "critical mass" of such people to do anything useful at all!

Our elite have not got what it takes to build a Modern Nigeria or a Modern Africa. That requires a "modernization" of our culture, in order to deal with the new issues brought about by technological development, the increasing specialization of the workforce (requiring more education) and the abandonment of a rustic way of life for most of the population.

What we have instead is "westernization" of our culture, the copying of concepts(such as western democracy) we do not understand just so that where we live can look like the "white man's place". Building skyscrapers in Ikeja and structures like the Third Mainland Bridge does not transform Lagos into London or New York. An inability to deal with the serious challenges that modernization places before the elite of any nation or people leads the elite of Nigeria (and Africa) to adopt the use of palliatives such as "making anything look like the WHITE MAN'S (including our democracy)".

It also leads the elite to carry out divide-and-rule tactics such as tribalism to deflect attention from their uselessness. It is easier to point to the amorphous "Hausaman in government" as the reason why there is no health centre in your village or no potable water or roads than to admit that the b**tards that make up the local elite are useless. The problem whth that approach is that the equally useless elite in the North are pointing to the "Nyamiri" from the south as the cause of everything bad from polio to the lack of drinking water! The sad thing is that the one thing that unites all black people in Nigeria, Africa and the World is the biting poverty in which they wallow in.

We also see the focus of the elite on irrelevant issues such as "decent dressing of women", this is actually being debated by the idiots in the National Assembly! All this in an effort to hide their sheer incompetence!

The elite of our black society, represented by people like us that can use the internet, are woefully unaware of our history and how we got to where we are. This can sadly be seen in this statement from James Kwasi above and the fact that it can still be debated whether black people are of the same intelligence as white people or any other people for that matter. To make this worse, these are widely held views among "intellectual" blacks around the world!

The problem of mediocre leadership cannot be blamed on slavery and colonization alone. Even the Anglo-Saxons were colonized by the Normans in 1066, this is in the present United Kingdom!

The problem rests with our elite and their reaction to colonization and slavery. Unfortunately for all black people, they chose the easy way out and did everything except think. Probably because this involves work....

I'll leave you with this thought: "If you do not know from whence you came, how can you know where you should be going?"