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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Naija Gists.

NAFDAC closes Dangote Kano Mills

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration, NAFDAC, last week shocked a lot of individuals by closing down Kano Flour Mill belonging to the Dangote group. The reason NAFDAC gave for the closure was because Dangote did not fortify it's product Semolina (Danvita) products with Vitamin A. NAFDAC discovered this on Wednesday May 16 during a routine visit to the company.

According to NAFDAC DG Dora Akunyili "Dangote Industries has fraudulently and deceptively claimed to have included Vitamin A in their Danvita Semolina flour through the use eye logo and Vitamin A inscription. NAFDAC views this as a deception and serious sabotage to public health because of the serious health problems associated with Vitamin A Deficiency (VAD)

Dangote Industries reaction was..."There has never been any written or verbal request or directive to our Kano plant to commence the fortification of Danvita. Our production staff had used the bags with the 'eye logo' which was supplied in anticipation of the product fortification. The officials were informed that our equipment for the fortification had just been acquired for the Kano plant and would soon be installed. They were also informed that Danvita is not a regular product in our line, but a by-product of about 1percent of our production"
Dora Akunyili replied "Their claim that Danvita is not a regular product and constitute 1percent of their products is an insult on the intelligence of Nigerians. This assertion is also immaterial to the mothers who buy this meal believing that their children are getting Vitamin A for healthier life. Dangote Kano factory simply fraudulently labelled this product to contain Vitamin A when it does not so as to deceive consumers"

The fight continues...God bless NAFDAC for keeping our children safe...

Obiwon Speaks

On winning Nigerian Music award voice of the decade (Still don't agree)

Obiwon: "I never expected to win. I feel like locking my voice in a box"

Konga's Music/Video unbanned.
New music sensation Konga who had his very popular song and video banned some months ago due to it's raw lyrics, got good news some days ago as the Nigeria Broadcasting Corporation has unbanned his song and video. NBC says it can go back on air on the condition that he removes certain scenes from the video. Good for him.

Is P Diddy coming to Naija?

That's the question on most people's lips. There's talk that entertainment guru, Osaro Onaiwu, is talking with the agents of P. Diddy to bring him for a concert in Naija. If they reach an agreement, then Nigerians should expect the bad boy king in Naija before the end of the year.

That's one concert I'm definitely not going.

Yinka Davies releases new album

NMA female voice of the decade, Yinka Davies, is set to drop an Album titled 'Black Chiffon'. All you Yinka fans, get ready. I hear the album will be off da chain...I got that right abi? lol
On winning best female voice of the decade
Yinka " I believe this award will put me on the spot and also make me better. I also believe this award will bring another one for me"

P Square's new album

P-Square is about to release another mind blowing album. Those in the know say the album will hit stores towards the end of the year. The new album is said to be made up of 11 tracks. The title of the album is 2000 and US.

When asked why the album is titled 2000 and us, their response was that, since year 2000 when they started releasing albums, it has always been about the P-Square, that is why this album has that title...ok!

A Night with Christopher Bolarinwa

Its about time you are one-on-one with Christopher Bolarinwa Marquis. He shall be in the country and would be meeting with you all at 7pm, on Saturday June 9, 2007, at the FASHION CAFE; 39, Ademola Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

Its a FAN's NIGHT and most especially with over 10,000 songs from the 80s! Plus so much more you can take home and what else you would want to remember...

We enjoin you to come with all that can remind us all of the 1980s (clothings, memorabilias, hairdo/wigs, record sleeves, shoes, hats, pictures, etc) as vox-pop would be conducted/filmed for some of you to be on TV with him on his next episodes of unleashthe80s.

The Pass to this event is N3000, but trust us, huge discount awaits you the faithfuls once you produce this e-mail at the gate. It promises to be a Saturday Night Fever!

Kindly call Yinka on 08039202873 for your reservations.Fans outside Lagos, please bear with us. We shall be in your neighbourhood, shortly.So. Ladies and Gentlemen. We look forward to receiving you on the night.
~ See you there ~
Introducing female singing group ~ Ice Four

The latest female singing group in town is called ICE FOUR. Comprising of Sandra, Oyinda, Vera and Sola. Ice Four was discovered and are being managed by Media Solutions and their single which is making waves is called 'Bounce'. Talent and beauty =...? More grease to their elbows lol

Charly Boy apologises to Dele Abiodun

Charly boy and Dele Abiodun

The fight/quarrel between ex-PMAN President Charly Boy and his then deputy, Dele Abiodun is about to become history as the 'wierd one' is making moves to reconcile with his estranged friend. The feud started a few months to the expiration of their tenure over who will succeed Charly as PMAN President, between Dele and Bolaji Rosiji, the latter won. The fight got so bad that they went even went to court..Now Charly is initiating peace talks with Dele...hope they settle.

Why I fought in the plane

Ragga sensation, Marvelous Benjy fought on the his interview about the fight

Why did you fight in the airline?

MB "It was the fault of the airline. They kept everybody in confusion, some people were fainting. I am an African man. Somebody tore my shirt because I was trying to stop him from making trouble with aircraft officials. I am an African man and I don't think I have the power to control anger. For tearing my clothes, I had to hit him back at least to correct him that next time you don't tear people's clothes"

Didn't you think of your status before fighting?

MB "Sometimes it becomes so hard to control your emotions"

Will you say you regret your action ?

MB "Of course. It gives a different impression about you. People don't want to know what happened, all they want to know is that you fought to resolve an issue, which is not professional"

Please share your thoughts, especially on the NAFDAC/Dangote issue.


classybabe said...

I was wondering why that Konga video was banned in the first place.
looking 4ward to p-square's album

Unknown said...

My Broda a word of advise for u....
Patience is a virtue! In the face of any provocation all u need is to restrain yasef! "All good things come to those who wait." I've found that to be true so many times in my life. However, I have also realized that going out there and getting, achieving and traveling never hurt either.

I learned that patience is a virtue, but waiting too long for something is commonly referred to as laziness. If you realize this simple fact from the beginning, then you can make patience your best friend. If not, then patience can become your nemesis.

A wise man once said, "Whatever is decreed cannot be prevented from happening, and whatever is decreed not to happen cannot be made to happen." So an attitude of impatience and panic actually causes harm in such instances. So next time be fucking patient!

Afolabi said...

wow dora akunyili must be courageous to make such a move...good

Anonymous said...

more power to women!
wasnt aware of the ban
another psquare album? grand!
who is mb? fighting as a celebrity is unheard of
yinka has a sweet voice
obiwon, no comment!
who is ice 4?
im lovin dora for her courage and stepping up to a man like dangote.hissssssssss!

Anonymous said...

Dora Akunyili is a courageous woman. If only we had that many women which such courage in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Linda always the first. Glad konga is back

Cheetarah said...

THE ice girls look sweet goodluck to them,but pls no destiny child wannabe's orginality shd be key
lol @marvelous benji is that rilly his name.
Good1 for Obi1kanobi jare as for Yinka,she still sings?

Unknown said...

To me, Dora Akunyii would have nade a very good female president but the PDP, once again, messed it all up.

Unknown said...

this is by far the most informative and busiest blog site i have ever visited. u deserve an award. u dey try ooo

Anonymous said...

so according to marvelous benji african men cannot supress their anger..thats so wrong!

why did they ban d Konga video n song i have seen it and hrd it nothing wrong wit it...they are rawer western videos they show on 9ja tv and no one batts an eyelid..i love d song sa!

Abeg...obiwon sud return that award..voice of the century my black ass!

If every 9ja official could be like Dora Akunyili that country would have turned around for better...

Tyra!!! said...

Dangote deserved what they got. Why would they lie to people by claiming they had Vitamin A when they didn't. Dora did a good job by closing the company down. That will teach other liars and fraudulent companies from doing the same. Haba why lie that u have something that u dont? E go better for this country.
Yay!!! I am looking forward to the new Psquare Album. They are fantastic. I love listening to their songs and watching their videos. Very terrific dancers. Konga: I love his song. Ebi Konga,ju konga, lalalalalalala.Dont know the words but i love the song.Lol. Mravelous Benji,mmmmmmmm, no comment.

Anonymous said...

"I am an African man and I don't think I have the power to control anger"
We wonder why they think the way they do about us. Someone should tell him to not create/add sterotypes.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm...You an african man? is dat a reason for u not control ur anger? His he trying to say dat african men are hot tempered? He is crazy....big tyme.
We need more honest pple like Akinyuli. Give dis case some weeks now,dem go bury am with money,nd power. Well i give her kudos for the kain courage wey she get......nd hope dey wnt kill her for it( dragging a whole dangote on d floor like dat,nd exposing their lies..or make dem no destroy her career(maybe dats extreme). Let's see.

chidi said...

i'm sorry but the look of those girls depress me. And as for the p-square album titled 2000 & us,i think they were lying about their reason of the name. I think they heard it from ushers old album 8701 & decided to copy. As for the NAFDAC woman, i heard from my sis that she had gone bad & was helping orange drugs bring in fake drugs into 9ja. Was my sis giving me wrong information as usual???

UbongUdoessien said...

nice blog!

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