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Sunday, 8 January 2012

House of Reps ask Jonathan to suspend the removal of fuel subsidy

At a sitting this afternoon and shown live on local TV, members of the House of Representatives, while discussing the removal of subsidy, the 2012 budget and the state of emergency in some states, passed a motion asking the executive arm of Government to suspend the removal of fuel subsidy and allow for wider consultation.

The House also plan to set up a committee that will interface with labour while the strike is ongoing.

The Rep members said they heard about the subsidy removal in the pages of the newspaper like the rest of us. They claim they were not consulted before the action was taken by GEJ and co.


Omare said...

And why are these agbada people making noise after the fact?? This is not about asking oh better INSTRUCT him

Alicia says... said...

AHHHHHHHH see the cat coming out of the bag! they better suspend that shit. how can they implement such without any warning or without providing AT LEAST constant electricity so people wont have to worry about fueling their gens or whatever?? GEJ and co are clueless as ever. improve the road networks, transportation, electricity, and tackle Boko Haram before deciding to take such an action. remember constant electricity by April of 2011? what happened to that? I wonder..
What direction is Nigeria heading to?? Naija, which way nau??

Anonymous said...

reversing it now will make him look really bad.

Chikaka said...

Will the Senate follow? Ah, no! David Mark is their bugbear!!

Anonymous said...

What has the farking (2) arms of legislative houses done for us in 13yrs aside knocking done OBJ's third term's bid? Nigerian govt. are simply clueless when it comes to reaching a compromise. Lets give GEJ a chance with the subsidy removal for goodness sake. WTF is all this buh ha ha for when nothing will change regarding the subsidy removal. As for you Linda.... Learn a bit more about economy other than writing dross for politics sake. SMH

Anonymous said...

now if they remove the subsidy, we ll still protest anyway

Anonymous said...

These guys are str8 up lying... I am not in the House of Reps, and even I knew it was going to be suspended on January 1st...

Afterall, if the budget for 2012 had N0 allocated for fuel subsidy, and 2012 started on January 1st, how did they expect the subsidy to remain? SMH

Anonymous said...

They did not discuss their jumbo pay. And if GEJ implimented the hike in fuel prices without the senate tell me what they are doing in office. Barawo all of them.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7.07, it's brouhaha, nt buh ha ha.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7.07, it's brouhaha, nt buh ha ha.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7.07, it's brouhaha, nt buh ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Kai! Haba. Walahi! Jonatan is a wiked fresidant por naijeria!!

Haba! Why? puel frice don go uf ... prom sixty pipe naira (N65) to wan hundred and porty pipe naira (N145) for ebli where!
Najerians we must pite por awa rite ....

NOW! we canot ofun awa eyes and look at Jonatan to make us like Maalu!

Eblibody weda you are cibu sabant, student, tisha, bus driba, hajia or housewipe, mai suya, mai tea, fastor or imam...



Thank you,
Alhaji Boko Audu

P.R.O Hausa yout association (Sabo)


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per Litre Of Petrol IN
Nigerian Currency and
judge d FG: I got this from
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Kuwait: N30.66
Qatar: N32.12
Saudi Arabia: N17.52
UAE: N54.02
Venezuela: N5.84 Libya: N15.95
Egypt: N46.72
Malaysia: N73
Mexico: N81.76
Bahrain: N39.42
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Nigeria: N140.00

Anonymous said...

To the person hu says to give GEJ a chance I think ur just dumb!did he give Nigerians a chance?how do u wake up one mornin and hear dat everything is now more xpensive?with no warning!this whole BS wasn't s'posed to happen in april!how are u leavn with urself anyways?u have a blackberry and can afford to be on d internet and u fink ur living d life???what abt d pple hu can't afford it?have u thot abt dat or are u just brainless like dat?what abt d pple hu can't afford to love dis life?what abt d single parents with 5kids in school and hu have to take transport to school every F-ing day?and den ur idiot GEJ brings in 1600 buses or is it 1100 buses for 150 or more million Nigerians?I'm sorry if linda has to learn more economic like u say den u've got 2 have brain surgery!y wld u move a country dat is 51 years old @ same pace of a 200year old country!are u thinkin?or are u just messed up?yes I'm delibrately cursn @ u bcos ur FUCKED UP!

Anonymous said...

Rep members, I am so sorry for you all. You think you are talking to babies and deceiving fools right. Think well cos we are far from being deceived. Nonsense and ingredient rep members. Rep members, senate, legislatures,executive members of the FRN, you are all thieves, barawos, oles, crooks of the first order. Trying to play on our intelligence ain't cool.

Lasgidilife said...

This act by the house of representative is just a chameleon act

Lasgidilife said...

This is just a chameleon act

Anonymous said...

YAWN! REALLY! House of thieves! They all should be scrapped! Do they feel the pulse of the common man on the street? Things are so hard for the common man! God please aid those good hearts who still help your children in one way or the other. Ask these thieves, what they get as wages and you'll be mad not amazed! HOUSE OF THIEVES SHOULD JUST SHUT UP JOR!They are not fighting for the masses but for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:07,mahn u got mi rollin on d floor,I had a gud laf.anon 8:13,God bless u 4 dt response,u said it all.sum pple r jst naturally daft,smh

Anonymous said...

People who say the whole thing was a surprise, you must have been asleep for the last 6-7 months...

Heck, it was on this same blog that Linda revealed that the 2012 budget had NO money allocated for fuel subsidy in 2012.

So what were people expecting come January 1st, a country that has no money allocated for fuel subsidy would still have fuel subsidized?

iOmoge said...

3-| ‎​☀☀◦°˚mscheeeeew˚◦◦☀☀>:/! @ most comments here.

Double 3-| ‎​☀☀◦°˚mscheeeeew˚◦◦☀☀>:/! @ the reps.
GEJ is very brave and a listening president.
Haven't every stupid president we got in the past try 2 fix things but end up doing nothing? If he sits there and keep saying this road,that school, that hospital bla bla bla its still all of you dat will call him a weak len.
I respect n earnestly pray 4 him daily.
Its d whole money we generate dat is used 2 pay 4 d subsidy.
Most of us don't even understand what's happening, we ® just joining d crowd n insulting ourselves.

This so called reps ® worse dan d devil. Becos of d 25% they ® now having am emergency session. 3-| ‎​☀☀◦°˚mscheeeeew˚◦◦☀☀>:/!
Where were they since? Why will dey stand up one day after d president listened 2 d people.
Fact is its a lasting solution GEJ is providing to a problem lasting over 50years.

GEJ is fighting d super rich of This country 4 d interest us.
They "adenuga's" ® d ones instigating and Funding d protest.

The masses are blindly supporting d NLC n TUC pretenders who ® only after their selves.
One Million 3-| ‎​☀☀◦°˚mscheeeeew˚◦◦☀☀>:/! 2 d Stupidity n ignorance of most of you.
We want positive change, we see it n we are crying? GEJ could as well sit down n say its business as usual.

Anonymous said...

house of rep support suspension of fuel susbisidy? that news?... these pple are d major reason we are in this messs in d 1st place. they are d faceless cabals. it may be important to kno dat at dis same mitin where they asked d FG 2 suspend d susbsidy removal, they rejected d motion to institute an EFCC probing of the subsidy defaulters.
Nigerians should wake up n smell d coffee... these are d guys backing even the NLC guys? why? because they are the beneficiaries of fuel susbisidies that they refused to bring in2 their own country all 4 selfish gains
this in actual fact is the fight of d ngozi iwealas etc of our time
even tho fuel subsidy might be a good way 4ward but right now i rily cant trust d govt 2 do sumtin substancial cos of the magnitude of corruption that is...

Anonymous said...

Niger Delta we must stand to protect our oil from the nameless cabals. If the North and Co likes, it can continue protesting. I really WISH the South and South-East separate from Nigeria very soon.

Anonymous said...

@iOmoge, u've said it all. A lot of ppl just joined the band wagon without understanding the full implications of the policy. Ppl like Linda, i expect to do research & educate ppl r trying to b politically correct to increase followers. A lot of ppl will experience a paradigm shift when all is said & done.

hot gal said...

Those overfed reps should shut up. They are one area of wastage for this country. They earn undeserving salaries and they have not done anything for the pple they suppossedly represent!!!

Anonymous said...

All of them re not serious.God is watching and will not allow ds holigans to win.

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