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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Boko Haram Killings: FG Imposes 24-hour Curfew In Adamawa State

Following the Friday killing of twenty Igbo men attending a town hall meeting in Mubi, Adamawa State by Boko Haram members, the Federal government yesterday imposed a 24-hour curfew in the State.

With the curfew, residents are no longer allowed to move around freely and there's heavy presence of security operatives in the state.


Anonymous said...

all the northern states shd be under state of emergency.this is their pattern-govt impose a state of emergency in the troubled state,they ll move their attack to another state without a state of emergency.God help us!

MY VIEW said...

I keep wondering why nobody is talking about the mass killings of the Igbos in the north.
Has anybody ever wondered where the revenue for keeping this curfew comes from? Here we are crying about removal of subsidy and the little we have is wasted. VIOLENCE is not the answer.Why the Igboman anyway?
He tried to get out of Nigeria and everyone forced him back.Now you want his resources but not him.
One Nigeria. Really? He is not the president, nor the vice. He is just struggling-scattered all over the world.
He should leave the North but the biggest oil storage in Nigeria is in the north-oil from the east.
If the North do not want the Igbos ,then they should stop using our oil. Period! Fair is fair.

blunt said...

where are all those macho, 'dont you know i am a man,keep quiet woman' Igbo men??! 20 of our kinsmen are killed and many more before this and Aboki are still roaming the streets of the East freely!! From Aba to Onitsha to Nnewi ,i am ashamed of y'all! Tufia kwaa!

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